Bet Mover

Bet Mover is an easy to use yet feature rich web application, suitable for all levels of betting and trading expertise, from novice to pro trader.

Key features include:

Price movements & charts, steamers, drifters, one-click betting and a GPS-driven Real-Time In-Play module.

The platform itself has a wealth of data incorporated within a cloud based set up, and is fully Betfair licensed.

bet mover
bet mover

Bet Mover is a Total Performance Data product and not owned by Exponential Bet. 

It is compatible with all devices and operates using the Betfair Exchange.  This exchange has the highest liquidity available when it comes to in play betting on UK & USA Horse Racing.

It is possible to bet or trade around the clock.

My role and involvement with Bet Mover is both as a reviewer of the software and tester for development features. 


I then record my activity and share it online to demonstrate how the platform is progressing over time.

You can view some of my video content using the software at the Bet Mover Toolbox

Additionally, you can watch all my progress so far using the platform from my published live recordings below:

I regularly add videos using the platform in play and show my progress using both back and lay betting strategies in play.

To sign up or find out more about Bet Mover visit

If you have any questions about the platform and strategies I deploy, please get in touch via the contact form at the base of this page.

The opinions expressed in these videos and any comments or statements regarding the software is my own, and may not represent the views of TPD.  


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You can also follow my progress with Bet Mover on my You Tube channel, along with any video content I upload relating to Exponential Bet services.