Exponential Bet News 11th December

It's taken me over a week to write this news post not because I'm a slow writer, but because I had a tooth out in prep for a dental implant and it's been a nightmare.

I'll spare you the gruesome details, but everything has just taken ten times longer to complete in my current wonky state.

Getting old and having things go tits up with health has been a common thread over the past couple of years, I mean in the grand scheme of things I'm quite lucky that it's nothing life threatening obviously, but from laser surgery on my eye this year to correct a detached retina, to tooth problems and migraines, it truly sucks getting old...

Anyway woe is me, I've had to change the date on the draft title of this blog five times so far, and this is only part one of a three part blog. Hasten to say I'm not at my best but still soldiering on like a trooper. :-)

In today's post I've news on the Trading Service and Auto Dutch.

In my next post later this week I'll cover Remote Dutch Betting and the JV System.

I also wish to include my thoughts on manual vs automated betting, and betting for a living with a more income based approach compared to long term investing, as both of these subjects have been requested by members of late, so I want to give my opinion.

Without further ado let me begin with the Trading Service V5.

This will be available before the 31st December on Exponential Bet as a PDF with video for members. I've written most of it, just need to edit the video examples, proof read it then hit publish.

In the upcoming V5 update I cover the process of trading using Hedger Pro, how to set up the trade and your shortlist on the platform, identifying trades according to my own parameters, how to customize your filters, and I demonstrate trades being placed using the automation settings.

Quarter one 2020 (ideally January) I'll release a further V5.01 update, and this will demonstrate the trade process without automation, ie if you've time in the day to be at your desk race to race trading not using the automation.

The Trading Service has been created solely to share trading strategies I find profitable.

This specific V5 update integrates the old data previously available with Version 4, but includes Focus Ratings R5 horses all within one platform, ie no need for any external subscriptions to other services.

However, these are fed to the platform in the morning around 7.30am, should you need to set up the evening before racing a membership to Focus Ratings would be required.

Hedger Pro allows members to shortlist potential trade selections, and then schedule trades at will.

Future versions of the Trading Service from V5.01 onward will add to the trading techniques. These will be designed to run within Hedger Pro to add to the library of content for this platform.

The emphasis with the Trading Service is to expand on easy to apply daily profitable trading methods.