Expo News 30th January

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  • The weekly Automated Betting Strategy results and summary.

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Automated Betting

Sure Favs Main continued its fine run of form pushing the balance to a new profit high.

It didn't bank a huge amount of points over the week, but it's been consistently doing well and will finish the month over 15 points up for both BSP and MTP options. This makes it three months on the trot in profit.

Sure Favs Foundation also reached a new profit high point for MTP betting, and we're starting to see signs of a new trend for consistent upward growth.

Racing Lays continued its solid form with a good profit and just one losing day over the week.

Place Lay Single also had a great run of results to make it the third highest performer, with seven out of seven winning days Monday to Sunday.

There was no drama with the services that didn't make a profit, with Place Lay Multi and Place Back Multi both finishing just below the line dropping a handful of points.

Covering all services over the week gave a very good return on investment.

The stand out was Bet Focus which landed some high priced winners to finish top of the pile.

I've ordered them below for you to look over from the top performer to the worst over the seven days.

BSP stands for Betfair Starting Price.

MTP stands for Minutes to Post.

Each bet has been placed using 1 point from the recommended starting bank per bet.

24/01/22 to 30/01/22

Bet Focus - Straight Staking