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Expo News 30th January

In today's news update:

  • The weekly Automated Betting Strategy results and summary.

  • In Play Bet Club.

Automated Betting

Sure Favs Main continued its fine run of form pushing the balance to a new profit high.

It didn't bank a huge amount of points over the week, but it's been consistently doing well and will finish the month over 15 points up for both BSP and MTP options. This makes it three months on the trot in profit.

Sure Favs Foundation also reached a new profit high point for MTP betting, and we're starting to see signs of a new trend for consistent upward growth.

Racing Lays continued its solid form with a good profit and just one losing day over the week.

Place Lay Single also had a great run of results to make it the third highest performer, with seven out of seven winning days Monday to Sunday.

There was no drama with the services that didn't make a profit, with Place Lay Multi and Place Back Multi both finishing just below the line dropping a handful of points.

Covering all services over the week gave a very good return on investment.

The stand out was Bet Focus which landed some high priced winners to finish top of the pile.

I've ordered them below for you to look over from the top performer to the worst over the seven days.

BSP stands for Betfair Starting Price.

MTP stands for Minutes to Post.

Each bet has been placed using 1 point from the recommended starting bank per bet.

24/01/22 to 30/01/22

Bet Focus - Straight Staking

betting bot big priced winners betfair system

Racing Lays - Exchange Straight

hands off investment

Place Lay Single - Exchange Straight

automated lay betting system

Sure Favs Foundation - Straight Staking

back the favourite

Place Lay Single - Liability Betting

lay betting system

Racing Lays - Liability Betting

betting software

Sure Favs Foundation - Target Profit

betting bot

Sure Favs Main - Straight Staking


Sure Favs High - Straight Staking

backing to win

Place Lay Multi - Straight Staking

lay bet

Place Lay Multi - Liability Betting


Place Back Multi - Straight Staking

lay betting place market betfair

Place Back Multi - Target Profit

place betting

It is interesting to view the weekly numbers as there is a lot of useful data to show how a strategy can react over a tiny snippet of just seven days.

I'll continue to add the weekly numbers when I can, but will be moving these to the website full time when Nigel has finishes the result compiler for average odds matched by members.

This will auto produce my weekly results, and it won't take as long as it does not to put all of the above result data together.

Some very good results though over the week and it's good to see.

This is just a minuscule amount of analysis over the timeline, and each strategy will have its outstanding weeks and weeks where they drop points.

However, from what I see on a daily basis since the trend updates were included I really like the way each of the services operate with each other.

I've updated the results on site including the Ratchet numbers, which are also very interesting especially for Sure Favs.

All the services will be ratchet refreshed from the end of February, as I've decided to do this with each of them every quarter.

You can view the latest results via Betting Strategies from the main menu, just select the services you wish to examine in more detail.

Additionally, I have updated the points allocations required for each service, and for the Ratchet betting option.

The days of the week each service runs is also now up to date, and I have minimized the information in the bullet point section.

It's the final betting day of the month tomorrow, and I'd planned to post this blog on Tuesday to include the monthly numbers.

I now have an appointment on Tuesday so I thought I'd do the weekly update today, and then add the monthly figures midweek on Wednesday or Thursday.

I'll email again when they are online and may add another blog post to examine them.

In Play Bet Club

We had planned to go live betting for members by next week, but Bet Mover added a new metric to the software on Thursday, and when I came to record video instructions for members showing live betting, I found the copy bet code didn't work.

The update made to BM to improve the service for members did something to the code that copies my bets to Cloud Bet Bot.

You can see from the screenshot below the metrics such as OP are now renamed VE (Velocity Error), and OC as I knew it in the developer version is now CE (Cadence Error) and a new feature for members.

All in all it's a great upgrade for BM users, and the cadence metric in particular is very useful to filter the selections to find winning lay bets.

Nigel is still correcting this coding problem that affects my ability to copy bet for members, which I'd expect to be done by Monday / Tuesday.

I'll need a full week minimum testing to ensure it's working as it was pre update, and then I'm expecting to go live with the In Play Bet Club by the 15th February.

I'd never go live until I'm sure things are back as they were, as I take it very serious given I will be betting with member accounts.

As much as the BM update is untimely, it is actually a blessing in disguise. It will minimize future updates to the platform interfering with members bets.

It's highlighted areas that need to be transferred across whenever a significant BM update is applied.

Anyway, you could say I was miffed at having to add more time on the launch, and that would be an understatement, but I am sensible above all else, and know this will be sorted with not a lot longer to wait.

This screenshot is from my Bet Mover set up showing the new metrics, and one of the two bets placed this week.

exponential bet

The second bet placed the following day was following the in play strategy as usual, but really just to test the set up before I had to go out for an appointment. I've left it for now until I get the all clear from Nigel.

No other betting over the seven days as it's all been about preparing for the launch and working on the automated strategy pages, (boring but) essential data base cleaning, and other jobs pending. It's just not been the right timing for a lot of in play betting.

This week coming I'll be betting from Wednesday to Sunday after I get the all clear from Nigel hopefully Tuesday latest, and will notify registered in play members how I get on and to give the thumbs up.

Then I'd estimate early the week after we can finalize the registrations on to the three tier options, before going live on the 15th Feb.

In Play Bet Club - 26/10/21 to 30/01/22

bet in play betfair exchange

in play betting system

I'll be back midweek, Wed or Thursday with the monthly automated strategy results, and of course as mentioned by the end of the week I'll contact all in play registered members with a start date confirmation.

Thanks for reading.


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