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Expo News 25th October

In today's news post:

  • Last week's Automated Betting overview.

  • In Play Bet Club Launch Date Confirmation.

  • Other news...

The results for all the Automated Betting Strategies are now up to date at Exponential Bet and available to view via the Betting Strategies menu drop down. Simply select the service you wish to look at, and you can examine the results in detail.

Obviously next month we wrap up October's betting, so I'll update the month by month figures for all services ready for Monday's news post.

Weekly Automated Betting Overview

The highlights for me last week I'd recommend looking at in the published results.

Sure Favs all options, Main, High, and Foundation did very well, which pushed the balances up nicely across the board including the Ratchet 1% results that showed a significant bump.

Sure Favs - Foundation Exchange & BSP (Straight) 18th to 24th October

You can find out more about Sure Favs here:

Bear in mind Sure Favs Foundation places bets 1 minute past post time so exact bet count and odds will of course vary, but the service is typically running at a 90% accuracy level.

Place Betting saw two of the betting options do well last week.

The first being Place Back Multi with both Straight Staking and Target Profit having a good week pushing the overall flat staking balances the right way, and helped recoup some of the Ratchet money for these two options.

Place Back Multi - BSP & Exchange (Straight) 18th to 24th October

The next was Place Lay Single which also made money for both staking options, Straight and Liability betting.

Place Lay Single - Exchange (Straight) 18th to 24th October

You can find out more about Place Betting here:

Bet Focus found some form last week which was very welcome, and we finished the week in profit if Straight staking.

A decent profit from the first winning race at the start of the week pushed the balance up, which was followed by three losing races for the remainder of the week.

This emphasizes the style of betting with this strategy relying on the big winners, as the profit from the early win absorbed the following losing bets before the next big win.

Bet Focus - BSP & Exchange (Straight) 18th to 24th October

The strategies that took a dip for the week are covered below:

Bet Advantage dropped some points overall, and is another strategy reliant on a handful of big winners and value bets to propel the balance upward to a new high.

It's a strategy with an average odds on each bet over 9.0.

Bet Advantage - High Exchange & BSP 18th to 24th October

You can find out more about Bet Advantage here:

Place Lay Multi overall is doing very well and has 9 winning months from 10 reported in the results so far.

You can see some big numbers recorded showing 435 points betting direct to the exchange, and 148 points BSP liability betting, or 220 points profit liability betting to the exchange from December 2020.

This is a service that overall is in good form and will definitely win more than we drop, but it emphasizes the point I regularly labour in my news updates, that having a balance set up correctly is absolutely vital in order to achieve these recorded profits.

We need to factor in the days, weeks, and months when the betting doesn't go our way and we have to absorb some losses.

If your balance is too aggressive, overly ambitious, or unrealistic your not going to be able to weather the dips and never reach the high points.

I had some dialogue with a couple of members last week asking me to assess their staking set up within the bot, which I'm more than happy to do as I want everyone set up right.

What I found in both cases was the staking set up was nowhere near my recommended advised levels, and as such they had numerous missed bets due to insufficient funds available to cover the money on the bets.

This means that when the bot looks to place the bets, which in each of the members cases I looked at where lay bets, there was not enough money in their actual Betfair account to cover the liability on the lay, so the bets were missed.

The simple reason being the allocated point value per bet compared to money available and actual points balance for these members was not set up right, the monetary amount assigned to each point did not have the actual cash in the bank to make sure the bet could be placed.

In one example I had a member betting with £8 per lay bet for Place Lay Multi, but had actual Betfair monetary balance of just £126.

To set your staking at £8 per bet your total monetary amount should be £2400, which comes to 8 x 300 points equating to 2400.

These members had missed many winning bets as a result of the way the bot had been set up, and not just this but had been adjusting staking across the timeline.

Reducing on losing days and increasing during winning periods, which of course always goes the wrong way whenever the balance is reduced the wins occur, and when increased we have a losing run, then when a stake is finally settled upon the balance has to catch up on losses from bets made at much higher stakes from a lesser stake.

Very messy!

These are the two main things I strongly advise against, staking being set up with no long term planning, and adjusting the figures along the betting timeline chasing wins and losses.

I understand from a gambling logic this is the way of it, but that's why bookies mostly win. Whereas the strategies at Exponential Bet are all set up for long term gains using proper money management, and with the mindset of an investor.

If you're worried your betting isn't set up correctly or your results aren't matching mine, the first thing to look at is your own staking.

See if you have been adjusting your stakes and look at the wins and losses to see if they match mine, or are your numbers different.

Could this be down to some missed bets due to insufficient funds in the account to cover them, or even are you betting using exchange direct options which means your odds will vary compared to mine.

If you are betting using exchange options and your points balance is not set up as advised, and you have been adjusting stakes, then the first thing to do it to set it all up right, and let it run for a month, then ask me the question to check for you.

If you're completely lost on how to set it up, then definitely get in touch and I can login to your account and see what's what.

What I do advise is this:

  • Set your stakes up according to my advised levels. You can find these in the System Overview bullet points under the results for each strategy option.

  • Read the FAQ section under Money Management on how to set up a points balance if you're not sure, and email me to ask to check you Bot Settings before you click activate and save.

  • Create a points balance for each strategy, set up the bot according to this, and let it run. Do not adjust your staking along the timeline, let the bets operate within the balance you've set up. Otherwise what I explain above can happen to you, and you will never achieve the same published results.

I just wanted to reiterate this point to everyone to make sure you look at your bot settings, and you're happy you have everything correctly configured with your money management and stake per point values accurate.

Also to stress the point about not fiddling with your staking along the timeline, and instead put in an amount your comfortable with to allow it to cover the losing spells and reach the winning runs that propel the balance and recoup losses.

These aren't tipping services they are long term betting investments, and you need that mindset to succeed.

As covered above Place Lay Multi overall is doing excellent, but last week had an inevitable dip in form.

The graph below illustrates my point above, as you can see the service didn't have a good start and continued to hit a run of losses midweek, but as the week progresses over a series of winning and losing bets this began gradually recovering the balance.

Place Lay Multi - Exchange (Straight) 18th to 24th October

You can find out more about Place Lay Multi here:

Lay Dutching is a strategy that is overall not in good shape, and as much as I know over the months ahead this trend will reverse, right now the results are heading the wrong way.

Lay Dutching - Main Exchange (Straight) 18th to 24th October

You can find out more about Lay Dutching here:

Racing Lays all versions dropped some points as well last week, which after a positive start for the High and +5 Stop options they hit a run of losses to end the week down.

With the Racing Lays Main option having a slightly different week, and more up and down overall, but finishing heading the right way just not close enough to record an overall profit.

Racing Lays - Main Exchange (Straight) 18th to 24th October

In Play Bet Club

I'm delighted to report the In Play Bet Club will be ready to launch on the 29th November.

The club will have a maximum of 50 members at any time.

We've received hundreds of requests to join and as promised the invites will go out in the order the requests came in, and this will also allow for different time zones.

I'll have a lot more information published on site about exactly what to expect with the service for everyone that is interested in joining, including membership costs.

You can expect to see this early next month with a new In Play Bet Club page added.

Members who are expecting to receive invitations will have the opportunity to then reserve their spaces for the 29th November launch.

This will be available to them via a secure invite page once I've highlighted what's involved and what to expect clearly with from the service.

Everyone that reserves their membership from that point will have their reservation fee taken off their full membership costs.

This is definitely not an extra cost, it's just to secure the place as their is so much interest I want to make sure entrance to the service is done fairly, and we're ready to start from the 29th November with everyone set up correctly, staking sorted, and understanding exactly what to expect from each days betting.

When I get going placing the live in play bets for everyone I won't be able to stop and start answering questions, as my entire brain cell will be focused on placing accurate bets for the membership.

Which means I'll make sure everyone is all aboard weeks before we go live, and their bots are set correctly according to advised points balances.

Nigel and myself have done a lot of testing with the platform, and I've been back on shift placing plenty of bets getting back to my usual top form.

When I publish the In Play Bet Club page I'll have details of staking, points set up, and what you can expect result wise over your membership, with details of my recent betting, and how the bot will be betting for you.

All very exciting stuff and I can't wait to get started.

To quickly recap, if you have registered your interest in this already you can expect an email from me in the next week or two after the In Play Bet Club page is published, and then you will be able to reserve your membership ready for launch.

If this is something you're interested in and haven't already registered, drop me an email to with In Play Cloud Betting in the subject line and I'll add you to the invite list.

In addition to the live betting club I will be adding stand alone guides showing my strategy advice for in play betting, which are there as an optional download to do it yourself.

In Other News....

Along with the In Play Bet Club I have another lay betting service that is not fully automated, but instead me placing the live in play bets pre race for members minutes before a race commences.

This is not a reduced limited membership, and will be available to subscribe to via the site as an additional service.

I've been doing very well with this now for a long time, so its reached the point of clearance that makes it a viable service I can share as a new subscription option.

One Subscription members will of course have this included in their membership, or as stated it can be purchased on its own via a subscription I'll set up.

For more information on how to subscribe to the One Subscription plan you can find the options available here:

The ETA for this new lay betting service is December, and I'll have recent results published ahead of time so you know what to expect.

For all One Subscription members this will be available under your services when available, and I'll have recommended staking and set up instructions added to the site.

On a different topic I'd expected to have some new video content live today covering two important subjects, Staking and Bot Set Up.

I'd redesigned the service pages and recorded video for this over the past couple of weeks, but ended up going down a rabbit hole with the design and layout which looks terrible on mobile devices.

As I have a lot of members that access via mobile and tablet it's important the site functions properly across all platforms, so I've had to go back to the drawing board and rejig everything.

A definite rethink is required if I'm going to provide easy to access useful set up information for everyone to make sure the bot is configured properly, and points / staking is set up exactly according to advised amounts.

Apologies for the delay, but time has been against me with it and I've over spent my time trying to fit square pegs in round holes before eventually throwing my toys out the pram and giving up.

I've a better idea now how to present things and will over the coming couple of weeks take my time to get it right and avoid unnecessary back tracking again.

Anyway, not the most interesting topic compared to the betting service results and in play club on the way, but still I wanted to let you know it's in process as I had previously mentioned it a few times.

Okay that's me for another week, but I'll be back next Monday with the results updated for all services, including the month by month numbers to add October's figures.

I'm hoping by next week I'll have the In Play Bet Club page online, and we can start confirming members to ensure everyone is onboard and set up well ahead of launch, but this will definitely be the case over the coming fortnight.

Right I'm starting to repeat myself which is usually a sign for me to clock off as I've written a lot.

Thanks for reading, if you've any questions at all please let me know.

Best Regards


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