Expo News 25th October

In today's news post:

  • Last week's Automated Betting overview.

  • In Play Bet Club Launch Date Confirmation.

  • Other news...

The results for all the Automated Betting Strategies are now up to date at Exponential Bet and available to view via the Betting Strategies menu drop down. Simply select the service you wish to look at, and you can examine the results in detail.

Obviously next month we wrap up October's betting, so I'll update the month by month figures for all services ready for Monday's news post.

Weekly Automated Betting Overview

The highlights for me last week I'd recommend looking at in the published results.

Sure Favs all options, Main, High, and Foundation did very well, which pushed the balances up nicely across the board including the Ratchet 1% results that showed a significant bump.

Sure Favs - Foundation Exchange & BSP (Straight) 18th to 24th October

You can find out more about Sure Favs here: https://www.exponentialbet.co.uk/sure-favs

Bear in mind Sure Favs Foundation places bets 1 minute past post time so exact bet count and odds will of course vary, but the service is typically running at a 90% accuracy level.

Place Betting saw two of the betting options do well last week.

The first being Place Back Multi with both Straight Staking and Target Profit having a good week pushing the overall flat staking balances the right way, and helped recoup some of the Ratchet money for these two options.

Place Back Multi - BSP & Exchange (Straight) 18th to 24th October