Betting & Trading News 16th August

Updated: Aug 17, 2020


I've a fair bit to go over in today's post, but before I begin let's get the almost irrelevant stuff out the way just for info purposes, as from now on Expo News posts will be titled Betting & Trading News.

Quite simply it's because Google likes this wording better, whereas Expo News means something to us who are already involved, but nothing to the Google algorithm.

Right, now that's out the way...

In today's post I cover my work schedule for the remainder of August and into September, so you know what's in the pipeline and when to expect it.

The Trading Service restart date, the additional member bets and where they are being generated, plus two major updates to be introduced for JV MK2 Foundation, and tomorrow for RDB Dutch expanded on from my previous blog posts.

Also whats to come for RDB Straight next in the pipeline with the foundation update, which will definitely require dev testers in September.

After receiving emails on running multiple systems at once I need to cover this in more detail today, and how to set yourself up correctly with the right mindset.

I will take a deeper look at the running total for each service in a separate post, as there is a lot of content required for that alone.

Finally before I get started I do get asked a fair bit about my set up, and I've hummed and hawed as to whether to share this, as it's kind of like, hey do you like my rig...

However, I get asked a few times a week what set up I'm using for trading, so this is my desk, and with some other musical bits I rarely have time to use.

In fact I've another six retro style synths in storage with two old school effects systems. One day I hope to have more time, and will set up a decent home studio. However, we have to prioritise, and working on Exponential Bet after a weird racing lockdown is my prime focus.