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Betting Restart 1st July

We restart Remote Daily Betting and JV MK2 Betting System on the 1st July, reinstating two automated Exponential Bet services using Cloud Bet Bot.

Firstly a big thank you to all the members who've stuck with us during the lockdown period, I cannot convey my appreciation enough for your continued support during racing suspension, including the time required to resume RDB and JV MK2 this month.

Also, a massive thank you to everyone who sent positive messages while we've been unable to operate our business.

Without question this has been a weird time for everyone in all walks of life, and a huge stress without any exaggeration. The racing industry is far from recovered back to normality, and we've no idea how long this will take, but thanks to you we're still here, and we've spent the time wisely preparing to restart our services.

Getting ready to resume betting running automated settings, and taking into account the new race structure since restart on the 1st June, has kind of been like building a house on foundations that are always moving.

The race card day by day is changing its approach to how races are set up, but fortunately at such a gradual pace for us to move with the change, while profiting from the racing.

At no time in history has racing encountered a period such as the Covid 19 suspension, so everyone involved in the industry had to adapt and move with the times in some way or another. Which means we had to adjust to the way betting resumed with our strategies.

The good news with running systems using trend analysis like RDB and JV MK2, we're obviously able to adjust a lot faster than strategies set up using years of data that are set in stone.

Both RDB and JV MK2 use live data and a mix of historical, but are regularly updated anyway to assess how the trend based selections are standing up.

The systems themselves are always gradually shifting accordingly with the times, not as fast as the post lockdown racing shift to the current set up of course, but still with this type of selection set up it's made assessing the requirements not an impossible task, while ensuring we're not deviating from the original set up too much to make the systems fit the new race card.

We've set them up using the same filters and not reinvented the wheel, but adapted to match the current race types.

Forward planning has been included to fine tune them back to normality over time. As the race card will gradually return to some resemblance of what it used to be pre suspension.

I'll add June in its entirety to both the RDB and JV MK2 pages showing the assessment that's been done, and to give you a clearer insight into what to expect.

Here are some examples below for JV and RDB systems, which I will expand on a lot more next week as we resume betting, and of course keep the results updated on site.

Firstly, here is a blog I posted with results for RDB and JV MK2 the day before racing was suspended, as this gives a full breakdown of results covering 30 days betting.

Which brings you up to speed with where we left off, with information below demonstrating how we're set up now to relaunch.

JV MK2 1st June to 26th June

horse racing system

You have some stats available and graph from Researcher above, which is from the analysis tool built in to Cloud Bet Bot for each service.

Cloud Bet Bot has a lot of vital back end features, and this is just a snapshot of what it captures, but to keep it simple in this example today I just wanted to show what to expect more so with your daily betting running the strategies across the new race card, ie the win loss, strike rates, drawdown etc.

With Researcher I can look at historical or live racing to assess all the settings that make up JV MK2 and RDB Dutch and Straight, and fine tune these to keep the services current as racing evolves.

A very healthy profit increase of 43.89 points growth for JV MK2 over June. A good strike rate close to what we had pre race suspension, winning enough days over the month to keep us confident in our betting, and winning at the right prices obviously to recover losing periods.

The bet volume is similar to the month prior to lockdown, with slightly more opportunities to bet, which I put down to the increased jockey quality.

A very nice steady line of growth though, absorbing the losses and moving the balance the right way over time. All with no loss recovery, which we do not use with any of our automated systems, just flat staking one point per bet.

I hope this gives you a glimpse in to how the system is running under the present race schedule, as I know it's been a long wait to get started, and you're all well aware racing is not operating under normal operations so obviously interested to see how what we've been working on.

I've had to be patient obviously to see how my planning would unfold with a few weeks of racing, but I'm pleased with the results, and feel comfortable that I have all the tools at my disposal to keep adjusting as the racing gradually over time eases back to how it was previously.

Looking at the two RDB services things are actually looking a lot better for RDB Dutch, which is a system that's benefited greatly from the extra assessment time.

RDB Dutch 1st June to 26th June

automated betting system

Again we see slightly more betting opportunities than pre lockdown, but a much better recovery rate on the wins, and a profit growth in line with service annual predictions.

The strike rate is still understandably high given it's a fixed liability lay betting strategy, with a good spread of winning and losing days to maintain betting confidence.

15.69 points balance growth over this period is excellent for RDB Dutch, allowing for the inevitable losing days to still return an overall monthly profit, and like all these results shown today recorded at BSP.

Which is how the results on site are published, and important more than ever given the recent Betfair updates regarding minimum stakes.

RDB Straight 1st June to 26th June

betfair trader

RDB Straight is a strategy that I had to throttle more then the other two, as the huge increase in jockey class per race meant it was initially firing crazy bets across the card.

The bet volume is now a lot less due to the adjustments required to combat this, but as a side effect of this the points balance growth, recovery, and strike rate are all significantly better. I personally feel more confident in this strategy not being as volatile.

Quite a big jump up in the graph earlier this month showing nice early profits, then some ups and downs, but the line still curves nicely in the right direction for this well documented more aggressive betting system.

30.64 points recorded over this period flat staking multiple horses in each race sometimes, but only when a profit is achievable shows a great resilience with this system, even though it's the mad hatter of the three automated strategies.

We will not win every day with these systems, and I've never claimed we would, but with each strategy you can see the same pattern over time, upward growth.

I'll be monitoring the racing daily as always to assess if the filters are running as close to optimum as possible, but I've made sure with any changes made they ran to the very minimum a break even over time if left unattended.

What I mean, for two out the three strategies above they run to a profit over the previous race set up, not quite as high obviously as the set up is for the new race card, but they work well still if left alone under current rules, one of them runs to a break even if set up as shown above.

This gives me enough confidence to let these run within safe boundaries, kind of like staying in line while driving, as when they begin getting close to the line I can steer them back on track without any concern of veering off course, and simply just adjusting what's already there not changing any selection processes.

The logic to the betting is all exactly the same, as stated above they have simply been adjusted to fit the new race card, and the tools I have at my disposal to assess and adapt as the racing changes is all custom made.

As a result of this I have full control of every detail with the betting and assessment process involved for RDB and JV MK2.

Okay, that's it from me today as I'm starting to ramble on, and I've got other jobs to complete on this bust Sunday. I just wanted to give you some insight in to what's happening behind the scenes, and confirm we're on track for a 1st July betting restart with these three strategies.

I'll add this information and more besides to the site later next week, including the rest of June, and then of course the ongoing live betting results for July as standard as we progress.

I hope you're as keen as I am to restart betting, and looking forward to resuming building our betting bank. I'll have more info on Trading later in July.

Thanks for reading.


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