Expo News Update 16th March

Updated: Mar 17, 2020


I have performance data for JV MK2 and Remote Daily Betting within this post you should find interesting, and some news regarding the Trading Service upcoming release.

However, before I get to this I need to cover the latest update on the Coronavirus, and how this will affect UK Horse Racing.

This afternoon it was announced that all UK horse racing would take place behind closed doors, and would be assessed at the end of March.

You can find out more on this here: https://www.britishhorseracing.com/

This comes in to effect tomorrow 17th March at Taunton and Wetherby..

It's as predicted in my recent Coronavirus blog post, but I have to say this could all change and we may be left without racing for a period of time.

Given France has completely shut down all racing for a month, I would not rule out this happening in the UK if the sport gets affected, ie jockeys, trainers, racecourse staff etc.

Coronavirus will impact us all in some way, businesses and daily life will be disrupted, and this includes the betting industry and Exponential Bet.

I personally feel sorry for the first time in my life for the bookies at the racecourse who do not operate online.

I mentioned that we would prepare for this if racing is shut down as we appreciate you’re paying to receive a service, and if it looks unlikely to run for a lengthy period of time, then we will be extending your subscription through the period.

How we do this either via PayPal, our digital product distributor, or a more manual method is yet to be decided, but we believe this is the fairest way to deal with any paid subscriptions.

On a brighter note, racing is continuing albeit behind closed doors, and as a result we