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Bet Focus +31 Points Profit This Week

This week Bet Focus was again the top performing automated betting strategy with a huge +31 points banked if using the straight staking option with BSP selected. Even more if opting for MTP (exchange).

You can find out more and sign up for Bet Focus here:

Results are now updated for each automated betting service showing all the wins and the losses in detail for the past week included from the 01.06.20 to 04.04.21.

You can examine all the stats and graphs showing ups and downs over this betting period for each service via Betting Strategies, this is located from the main menu at Exponential Bet.

The strategies that finished in profit this week include Racing Lays all three options, High, Main, and +5 Stop all doing very well, with the High option returning the most money with +11 points banked using fixed stake.

Fixed liability for Racing Lays all options also finished in profit on the week, along with Sure Favs Main which just scraped a profit, but Lay Dutch Main had a good week for fixed and liability staking.

As stated above the obvious stand out for the week was without question Bet Focus which has now hit predicted target for all betting options across the reported results.

The target profit either flat or with Ratchet for Bet Focus all had a great 7 days betting, which as you can see from the graph above the wins came mostly from mid week onwards.

The services that finished in the minus are Lay Dutch High both fixed stake and liability, Bet Advantage High, Medium, and Low settings, and Sure Favs Foundation and High options.

The biggest loss of the week came from Bet Advantage High which dropped -11 points, followed by Sure Favs High dipping -7 points. The other losing services just dropped a few points each give or take.

In Other News...

I managed to achieve my own personal target this week of getting back in the swing of betting using Bet Mover. I've recorded two days betting with 15 races covered and 9 bets placed.

I still maintain my 100% strike rate using this software, which after 29 races followed that's 19 winning bets.

This could be luck, but I think not, it's taking it slow while I'm building my confidence, being cautious with the bets, and quite literally going for the obvious low hanging fruit in each race.

I've missed a lot of opportunities simply down to being sluggish and had I been on form I'd have made more money, but the one thing I wanted to do this week was just get back in practice towards being match fit again.

I'll spare you the woe is me, but if you've been following my news updates you'll know I'm recovering after being in hospital and I am without doubt rusty.

The missus will testify to this as I keep forgetting the simplest things and leaving things half done around the house, it's like having concussion which I've had years ago and this feels the same.

Anyway, it proves that if someone in my fragile state can sit at the desk doing my work with Bet Mover in the background, and dip in and out of a couple of days racing, 15 races in total and win all 9 of my bets, then virtually anybody can pick up this software and start making money.

I've been assessing the 'get on near the end of the race backing the winner' approach, and looking at the lengths back, speed of the horses chasing the leader, and furlongs to the finish in an attempt to make betting using the software almost robotic within qualifying races.

I'll have more on this over the coming weeks as I start getting faster, get my reaction time and confidence back, and then begin increasing my stakes.

The software is amazing, and even with a few bugs today at Plumpton on the satellite view, I was still able to find winning bets once I'd figured out it was a tech glitch.

I've had this previously in one of my earlier videos you will have seen where the GPS losing tracking on the map view, which could be one of many factors causing this even down to the jockey whipping the tracking unit.

However, this doesn't detract from the live in running data itself still being seconds ahead of the live TV stream, and that's why it looks so easy in my videos when I select the winner a furlong or two from the end of the race.

Bet Mover will continue to improve and become a lot slicker over time, and now the new subscription options are available within the platform it's opened up for more people to benefit from the platform.

What you will always get from me with the videos I upload to the Toolbox or any other content I include is complete honesty, and any blips will not be edited as I want to record an accurate series of events over time as my own skills improve along with the software itself.

If you're interested in finding out more about Bet Mover you can do so via the link below to the homepage.

The 15 races covered over the 2nd and 4th April I'll have online and added to the Toolbox tomorrow. Nigel is away this evening, but he's back tomorrow and can add my new content then.

I'll email again when it's online.

Now for one final bit of news I've been teasing for a while, the Place Betting Automation will have some stats and development results to share with you next week sometime.

Then before the end of the month it will be included as a new service, and added for any One Subscription members automatically.

I'll cover this in more detail nearer the time, but with place betting you're better off with BSP selected as the liquidity is not great, which is a reason this strategy was left until the Cloud Bet Bot platform was more robust and ready for this market to be added.

Okay that's it from me this evening, I'll be back tomorrow when the videos are online and available to watch.

Best Regards


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