Automated vs Manual Betting Pt1

This blog series is about automated vs manual betting and trading, and my experience with these as I journeyed from being a user, to a creator of these betting platforms.

I love to use both methods of betting or trading, and will make a strong case for why you should too in the final post of this series.

The two currently fully automated systems available at Exponential Bet are, The JV MK2 Betting System, and Remote Daily Betting. They run using Cloud Bet Bot and are completely hands off. As in, you set your stakes, click save, and you’re done.

For a hands-on approach to your betting and trading, I strongly recommend looking at Hedger Pro. Especially lately with its recent updates I'll be covering in next weeks blog posts.

This is a superb Betfair exchange platform and is data rich, it can really help you locate winning bets and trades daily.

Hedger Pro, JV MK2, and RDB are all available with the One Subscription plan to provide more value for members, you can find out more about the options for this here:

Now back to the main thread, and why am I writing about automated vs manual betting and trading…

I’ve a unique perspective on this subject, and from my interactions with members of the site over the years I think some of you may find this interesting. I could be wrong, but unless you read the post you will never know.

Automated & Manual Betting Part One

Everyone has a book in them, and I think most would agree with this. We could all write about something unique, as we've each got our own story to tell.

Automated and manual betting is one of the subjects on my 'must write a book list', as I've a different view than most, and could easily talk the hind legs off a donkey on this topic.