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25th April Results

Results are now updated for each automated betting service showing all the wins and the losses in detail for the past week included from the 01.06.20 to 25.04.21.

You can examine all the stats and graphs showing ups and downs over this betting period for each service via Betting Strategies, this is located from the main menu at Exponential Bet.

The strategies that finished in profit on the week were, Sure Favs Target Profit, Bet Focus Target Profit continued to make progress in the right direction, which is good news especially for all with Ratchet selected. With the penultimate race today being the deciding factor.

Just as an example of this with Bet Focus Target Profit and 5% Ratchet selected here are the results to date, which are kind of mind blowing with a points balance drawdown at 22% of profit made.

Which for a long term based fully automated betting strategy and such an aggressive ratchet in place at 5% this is remarkable.

I mentioned a while ago that if operating a ratchet plan it's always wise to withdraw and reset your investment when its hit your own personal targets, as with any ratchet your biggest win is your biggest loss, and as it progresses it leaves your balance more exposed.

I'll continue to publish results of course without withdrawal points factored in just so it can prove me wrong and continue making astonishing profits.

This may well happen as it's automated betting, but if you're looking to bank some money at certain times during the betting timeline and reinvest with profits only that's my advice.

Bet Advantage High, Medium, and Low also made a profit on the week, with Bet Advantage being the best overall performer making a few points for each option.

Weirdly we had a lot of services breaking even or thereabouts, Sure Favs Main, High and Foundation depending if you opted for BSP or MTP but overall an even week.

Lay Dutch Main and High fixed liability, and Racing Lays High and +5 Stop fixed liability options all pretty much evened out over the seven days.

The strategies that made a loss on the week were Racing Lays Main, High, and +5 Stop made losses, along with Lay Dutch High and Main fixed stake, but the worst performer of the week was Bet Focus Straight losing -20 points. We've seen this strategy make a lot more than this over a week or even a day, so it's already flagged as volatile and can be the hero or villain, but the overall results speak for themselves flat staking.

At times when the strategies are either going through periods of treading water, making losses, or just not performing possibly as they were when you first started running them, my advice is to look at the graphs and stats as a reminder these periods naturally occur and can last week or months.

It's the members who have set up correctly from the offset who will reap the long term profits, and members who dip in when the goings good and out when the balance dips will inevitably make an overall loss, as nobody has a crystal ball, and these strategies are set up with the programmed algorithm to make long term profits.

I know we've enjoyed some prolific weeks with each of these services, and of course the stand outs are Bet Focus and Sure Favs without a doubt who regularly make the more consistent money.

We've also hit some flat spots over the published betting period and depending when you joined will dictate where you are on your own timeline.

My advice as always is set up to weather the ups and downs to achieve the long term gains.

All the data is there to help anyone thinking of joining come to a conclusion about their points balance to start with, and of course I am here to advise anybody who has questions about staking.

I would much rather have a full membership with everyone set up correctly and enjoying the process with a long term view.

I'm sure they all will make money over the months and years to come, but some more than others obviously and with entirely different betting patterns that need to be acknowledged when setting up a balance to invest.

A good example of what I mean this week is Bet Focus which for the Straight staking more aggressive option that obviously has more scope to make the huge sums but made a loss in comparison to the Target Profit option that made a profit.

Target Profit option has done so pretty much each week for Bet Focus even when the straight version has losses, and did this week for Sure Favs Foundation.

There are things to consider with both options and all the services when you look at the results, and I often reiterate these important points to note not to drone on, but because I want everyone to do well and see both the ups and downs for what they are, part of the process of what's required to succeed.

The automated services are coming up to a year of published results at the end of May, and as time progresses with more data under our belts the services will continue to improve and perform better.

What has to be the goal for every service provider is a smoother line of growth with less drawdown and a consistent strike rate high enough to continually return a profit for members, and that is certainly my mantra.

I've a new automated service to introduce next month for the Place Market which will be an excellent addition to the portfolio.

Other than this the focus is to make money for everyone following the automated bets over the years to come so we can all retire as early as possible.

While I'm still relatively good looking (subjective) at least.

You can read my latest blog on the new Place Betting Automation here:



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