The Sunday Slant

I haven't written a slant blog in a while, but I've a couple of hours spare this evening and wanted to cover an important topic relevant to the evolution of Exponential Bet, which is gambling and my thoughts on this. 

It's true I work on the Betfair exchange, and every day of the week bets or trades are being placed in to my accounts.  However, I do not consider myself a gambler at all with this activity.  

In fact I'll be stripping away all connections to the word tipping, and distancing myself as far as possible from the notion that what I am selling is related to the mainstream notion of gambling.

Investing in stocks and shares, property, cryptocurrency, and sports trading or betting using the Betfair exchange is a risk, but I'm not encouraging anybody to gamble.  

Let me explain.  I love to gamble as a recreational activity, for example going the casino with my buddies, a day at the races, a box at the match with table service, going to watch a big fight, whatever it might be where we can place a bet for the hell of it, this can be exciting and something I may enjoy for fun.  It's the experience of it. 

I love to gamble like this and I'm incredibly lucky, in the sense that I do not need to gamble. In fact since I moved from Manchester back in 2008 where I'd lived for six years, I haven't gone gambling to a casino.  I've been to many race days and other sporting events, and placed the occasional let's have a punt for a laugh bet, but that's about it.

When I was living in Manchester though I learned a valuable lesson. 

One company I worked for quite a while was basically ran by wild men, some of which I later found out belonged to a well known Manchester gang, some crazy and looking back scary individuals.  

We'd often end up in a casino after a night out with my work mates, and most of the time leave the next morning, dazzled by the light exiting from the darkness of the casinos.  Manchester has a fair amount of casino's and private gambling clubs that I had full access at that time in my life.

I remember one weekend we arrived in the early hours and I was obviously drunk, but I headed to the blackjack table nonetheless and began to play.  The people at the table knew I was drunk, I knew I was drunk, and I was still drinking, but I was also winning.

It was really funny and I remember thinking to myself this is an amazing feeling, but also knew it was totally fucking bizarre that my hand kept on returning a winner.