The Sunday Slant

Today's blog post for any new subscribers to my site isn't about my services, it's just me writing from the heart about the world we live in, and life in general. 

I take Sunday's to sit back with a Guinness and cover things I find interesting, which in some way may help someone out there reading.  Hopefully these posts and words reach people at specific times when they need them, which is the best I could wish for.

It's just me, a computer connected to the internet, a monitor, and these are my opinions.  Oh, and the Guinness that's the key ingredient. 

If you're solely interested in my betting and trading services then this may not be your thing, which is totally fine.

I posted a blog last night covering the latest trade guide update due next week, which will transform automated pre race trading for members of the service, and you can find that here:

Today's post is about 'Burnout', which people don't talk enough about. 

It's a serious issue that can affect anyone and everyone.  It usually hits when you're at the top of your game.   Typically for example at the peak of your career, when you're flying high it strikes and it can quite literally ruin you.

Firstly let me explain exactly what burnout is, because people have their own interpretations.

The simplest explanation of burnout I can give is, what you're getting out of an activity is less than you are putting in to it.

A simple example of this is, say you're selling a product for less than it's costing you to produce, you will eventually go out of business.

As human beings we measure the input and output in more than money banked, not in pounds and pence, we've a whole host of factors to consider.   

Time, effort, enthusiasm, the feeling of reward and satisfaction, all combined with the money aspect.  These things all go in whatever the activity, so by the same token we also extract many things from these.