The Sunday Slant

Tonight I want to write about telling the truth, and why it's something we should never apologize for.  

Before I begin let's tackle the elephant in the room, which is the fact I haven't written a slant blog in six weeks.  

I'm not going bitch on about being really busy all the time.   I am of course, and the release of Expo Bot V1 consumed such an almighty chunk of my time, so much so I was left rationing what little I had among my family and running the business.  This however seems to have steadied out now and has become manageable. 

Still though this is not the reason for taking the foot of the gas with these specific blog posts, and only a handful of people have known why I've been in radio silence. 

These blog posts are a positive release for me, sharing opinions and life experiences is a good feeling.  They are not a chore in the slightest, and I'm lucky enough to have a platform like this to share the contents of my mind with the world. Actually sitting and writing a post has been something I've been unable to get in the zone recently.  

When I begin posting on You Tube regularly I'll still post these blogs, but having a video channel will provide a more instant outlet for sharing content.  I wouldn't have spent a stack of cash on recording equipment, that's incidentally still wrapped up on my office floor, if I wasn't serious about this.   Even getting started on You Tubing has fallen short.

I mentioned in a recent Expo News entitled the future of betting services, that I spin a lot of plates with this business, you can catch up with that post here:  

I'm not a corporate giant, and all the work on the site along with creation of content is done by myself. 

The software has been created by the developer using my strategies, and he provides support for the betting bot, but everything else I run on my own.  This fact means that when life occasionally gets in the way certain things will take a back seat, such as blogging or creative content.  As this requires a certain mindset to produce anything worth publishing. 

Anyway, I'm beating around the bush getting to this very personal information I've decided to share with you, and this is it, for the past two years my father has been battling stage 4 type B cancer.  It's a bad one. 

Exponential Bet has given me a focus and direction that's helped me deal with this, in fact most of the site growth has come during this period.  I would visit my father or take him to appointments during the early phase, while working on site development, and having this outlet has been a my own life saver.   It's helped me forge my own plan to grab what life I have by the horns, and appreciate the time I have with my family right now. 

I've created so much content over the past couple of years, because around dealing with the heartache of seeing my father reduced from being an active and fun character, to someone who has lost part of himself, exhibiting typical physical effects anyone who's undergone aggressive chemo and radiotherapy.  The website and people I've met along the way as a result, have truly helped me deal with this.   

This has been the case though over the past couple of years, and he's still undergoing various cancer treatments, but the good news is it's in remission.  It's one of those things that can always come back and we never really know, but for now I breath a sigh of relief as I thought for a long while I'd lose him.

However, my life continues to sound like a Johnny Cash song, as my my mother recently was diagnosed with cancer, a lesser t