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The Sunday Slant

Contrary to the heading 'The Sunday Slant' possibly giving the impression I'm here for a good ole moan-a-thon, this is just me expressing some opinions.

I never really go in to detail about any issues or problems, as it's a fact 80% of people don't care, and 20% are glad to read about it.

In reality not many people give a hoot about the efforts that go in things, it's all about the results.

I'm not trying to be confrontational here in this post btw, or stating this is the case with everyone, as I know it's not and those close to me you know who you are.

Generally when people start discussing issues though eyes glaze over, or some pleasure is derived hearing about the misfortune. It's a sad truth of human nature.

Even worse the new trend of posting on social media about everything and anything that's happened in the day, like dropping your poached egg, stubbing your toe on the coffee table, splitting up with your partner, whatever it is most of us will naturally not be interested, or the frenemy will love to read it and have a good laugh.

A long time ago I stopped telling people more than they need to know once I understood this fact.

However, with the work I do revealing aspects of my work routine it's kind of part and parcel, as what I share at Exponential Bet with the bet and trade strategies is part of my life's work. These are things I've created and develop to use myself, which I have voluntarily of my own volition put on the internet for people to utilize.

Which brings me to the topic of today's post, plagiarism.

You're probably unaware but this is rife within the industry sector I work, with people taking work from one site and just copying it on another. I can release a product one week, and it's a new service on another site a week later. Even my blog posts have been virtually duplicated word for word title included, and the entire website concept recreated. I'll never stoop to name names, but I do know who you are I'm not daft.

The inability to copyright any betting or trading strategy is a prime motivator for bespoke software running Exponential Bet strategies.

As opposed to having them available to download in PDF format, online tutorials, files to import to betting bots running on auto pilot, or sent as subscription bets in emails. All of which are ridiculously easy to access and copy.

It won't completely solve the problem having everything running with licensed software for members only, as these things can be copied of course. It will over time make it more difficult for anyone thinking of joining or purchasing a strategy with the sole purpose of re packaging it for resale elsewhere.

I completely accept that people copy each other and it's just part of life. It's how humans have evolved from dragging our knuckles on the floor behind us after all. Well some of us anyway, I saw some things in town earlier today, but that's another story.

I'm not exempt from copying ideas, and I personally don't know anyone who's had a completely unique idea that's not been based on something else already in existence.

Let me give you some examples... I used to be in a band, we weren't terrible, and actually had a track in the dance charts for about two weeks. Woo hoo it reached no. 16, and it wasn't even anything remotely like a dance track, it was electro hip hop and a life time ago... We sampled beats from all kinds of sources which we'd re process and call our own, as they sounded nothing like the original. This is a form of copying without doubt, guilty as charged.

I've modded computer games using patches created by other people, and created my own versions based on code from these, which I'd then develop in to an extension of the original.

I mean I've got Plex installed on my home server for Pete's sake, say no more, I'm no angel...

The strategies I now create are based on the betting exchange which was created to be used in a multitude of ways, using software that already exists, and ideas combined from everything I've seen on my own journey to get where I am today.

We take a bit from everything we know to create something new. Stand on each others shoulders to reach new highs and achieve more, this is part of development, and natural to always try and improve on what's come before us bringing something new to the party.


In my humble opinion there is a difference between this and directly taking something and putting another badge on it, or just changing it slightly without any process of development to create something new.

It's the equivalent of the copied designer goods you see on the shopping strips from some holiday destinations. They look the same on the outside, but you're getting a copy and it's never quite as well made as the original version.

As much as I regularly see direct copies of my ideas online, and shrug my shoulders in resignation, I still obviously don't like it or appreciate it. It doesn't upset me, just grates on me more than anything.

I know the copies have mostly come from insiders, members who've joined a service just to suss it out and take the idea for example, people I've given valuable time to answer questions at length.

I try and go the extra mile with all members of the site as an when required, being honest and upfront, basically just being myself and delivering a genuine service which I'll always do. Whether this is for you or not, I give my best and nobody can give anymore than that.

Which means when I come across my work under a different name, with direct obvious links to members I trust or have spent time assisting, it's just a huge sigh moment.

Not the end of the world obviously, but exhausting and negative energy nobody needs in their life. Which is why I don't dwell on it for more than a minute, I shake it off, and stay ahead of the game.

This isn't paranoia btw, when you see exactly the same work you've created on another site recently published with very little changed to hide the fact, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what's happened.

As long as I decide to share my betting and trading concepts I'll be copied, repackaged, re-branded, and resold by other companies, or people in their mid thirties or forties living in their parents basement.

Whoever decides to say hey that's now mine and I'm going to sell it as something I've created, can buy my products and do exactly that, and I can't do diddly squat.

What I can do is keep doing what I'm doing, pushing toward my own goal with confidence, and try to stay on the straight line of success as much as possible each day.

I'll become smarter with my security as the business develops, with automation and software something to save us all time while offering more protection from being copied.

The hardest decisions in life are whether to walk away or try harder, and as long as I never feel stuck in a rut, I'll always continue to look for improvement with this website.

Looking at what I've seen so far from the copycats I've nothing to fear, and what they don't understand is that I've a lot more in the locker, I've only scratched the surface.

With the advent of new tech to make things more secure and the life of the plagiarist difficult, things aren't too bad.

When I look in the mirror I know I'm being true to myself with my work, and this gives me the momentum I need to achieve my own personal targets.

Which if you're a follower of my site looking to use the information contained as leverage to achieve your own goals, this is good news for you.

It would be easy to give up and feel deflated by the uphill aspect of dealing with these negative aspects, but instead I accept them as part of the process, as nothing worthwhile ever came easy.

I'm a human being and this site is my baby, I think it's important to show I'm a real person. I work hard each day for each and every member, and as such I find this blog platform a useful mouth piece to express my opinions, as well as information regarding products and services.

The next 'Sunday Slant' post will cover being a no sayer, and the sunk cost fallacy. Both of which deserve their own special place in my blog.

On a side note, I'm taking a day off tomorrow and going in the float tank for an hour. I've done this before and always come out feeling mentally and physically refreshed. Quite literally in a pod, complete darkness, floating, for an hour. Has anyone else reading this ever done the same, would like to try it, or your idea of hell?

I believe these moments on total detachment from life's distractions are vital to keep the mind and body strong.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a slightly different read today. I'll be back to normal Ry reporting on my betting and trade strategies in the next Expo News, and within the regular results updates.

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