The Sunday Slant

Contrary to the heading 'The Sunday Slant' possibly giving the impression I'm here for a good ole moan-a-thon, this is just me expressing some opinions.

I never really go in to detail about any issues or problems, as it's a fact 80% of people don't care, and 20% are glad to read about it.

In reality not many people give a hoot about the efforts that go in things, it's all about the results.

I'm not trying to be confrontational here in this post btw, or stating this is the case with everyone, as I know it's not and those close to me you know who you are.

Generally when people start discussing issues though eyes glaze over, or some pleasure is derived hearing about the misfortune. It's a sad truth of human nature.

Even worse the new trend of posting on social media about everything and anything that's happened in the day, like dropping your poached egg, stubbing your toe on the coffee table, splitting up with your partner, whatever it is most of us will naturally not be interested, or the frenemy will love to read it and have a good laugh.

A long time ago I stopped telling people more than they need to know once I understood this fact.

However, with the work I do revealing aspects of my work routine it's kind of part and parcel, as what I share at Exponential Bet with the bet and trade strategies is part of my life's work. These are things I've created and develop to use myself, which I have voluntarily of my own volition put on the internet for people to utilize.

Which brings me to the topic of today's post, plagiarism.

You're probably unaware but this is rife within the industry sector I work, with people taking work from one site and just copying it on another. I can release a product one week, and it's a new service on another site a week later. Even my blog posts have been virtually duplicated word for word title included, and the entire website concept recreated. I'll never stoop to name names, but I do know who you are I'm not daft.

The inability to copyright any betting or trading strategy is a prime motivator for bespoke software running Exponential Bet strategies.