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100% Profit Milestone In Play Betting

In Play BETA is a fully automated in play betting system I began live testing mid March 2018, which at the time I was using just Fairbot to select the races manually meeting criteria, but I'd also created an automated file to import to the bot placing the bets in running. You'd need superhuman cat like reactions otherwise.

Fast forward 10.5 months and the strategy now runs end to end fully automated using The Bet Engine.

You start the bot and leave it to run using the plug created by the bot developer, and it only places bets on qualifying races when the specific parameters are met.

Today's overall betting balance graciously tipped over a grand profit for In Play BETA, with a first race winner hitting my stop at a profit target.

Hitting target well ahead of my predicted timescale, achieving this a month and a half early.

A grand total of 100% balance growth after 915 flat stake £10.00 lay bets placed automatically in running, with a lot of these below evens liability.

The breakdown in the spreadsheet doesn't show the below evens odds on the winners, as originally the strategy wasn't automated in a way to take a bet below evens, which meant the master spreadsheet I created didn't calculate these bets. This was quickly remedied during the live test period with a new strategy file.

The spreadsheet however remained the same due to sheer laziness and not wanting to waste time trawling through my backdated results, adding each of them to the new sheet now available to members which calculates properly. In fact instead of laziness I prefer to call it a desire to keep moving forward, and not dwell on the past. In truth possibly a bit of both.

Since I began testing this strategy in the public eye it's attracted a lot of attention, which I do completely understand given that a 100% increase on your investment over a year isn't too shabby.

in play betting system

Using 1% Stake Per Bet

915 Bets - 55% Strike Rate

£1008.30 Total Profit

From £10.00 Stake Per Bet

I'm obviously delighted with the profit growth and the fact we hit target ahead of prediction, it's an extra income stream that requires virtually no time.

Quite literally just making sure the bot is activated within my VPS daily, and that's it.

I could choose to run this using continuous with the bot set up, but Betfair has a habit of falling on its face from time to time, so I'd rather spend a couple of minutes daily just resetting the bot.

Better to be safe than sorry as they say.

For an extra grand a year profit with a small investment of time and money, it's not what I'd call any kind of inconvenience or hard work.

I will invest more money in to this strategy and increase my stake amounts, but it is still in BETA, and in the grand scheme of things given the type of system it is a year of data is not much. Also, never have all your eggs in one basket with investments a wise man once said.

I have members that use 1% of £10,000 per bet, so you can see the potential.

When I began placing the bets using automation with Fairbot to get matched in running, each race was selected manually according to criteria, and the stop at a profit also done going race to race not set and forget as it is now.

This obviously required either time at the PC, or some remote access to stop the bets after a profit target had been reached. As much as I do love Fairbot, and it's kind of my work bench when creating new bet or trade concepts, this is one feature I wish they could prioritize.

Having a stop at a profit with any betting bot capable of incorporating automation is very useful, as gives us the most valuable of all commodities, time... Which we can then use elsewhere to create some additional leverage in our lives.

When The Bet Engine introduced the Auto Load feature in July everything became a lot simpler.

The selection criteria which had to be done manually each day then became fully automated end to end, only placing bets in races that qualified as the race jumped. This significantly increased the accuracy of the selection criteria by removing the timing element placing the bets in the queue, and removed the human error of judgement factor.

Plus it gave us more of the good stuff, free time to just let the bot take care of business while we got on with whatever needed to be done. TBE has a stop at a profit setting built in, so the entire process is taken care of.

With the advent of Expo Bot about to be launched for members this month, which is the bespoke betting and trading bot designed to run Exponential Bet services.

This will include In Play BETA and also Automated Dutch Betting BETA right out the box, which will be ideal for members of both services. Running both of these strategies fully automated will soon be available. You could run in play in the day, and auto Dutch in the eve for example all in one bot, set and forget.

I have both running on my VPS right now as I type this post, and it's working like a charm.

A first race winner for In Play BETA and showing a bit of profit for Auto Dutch BETA, all done for me as I finish other work and divert my energy elsewhere.

Now for a reality check, which I think it's vital to paint the full picture of what's involved with any bet or trade strategy. In fact anything where your hard earned cash is on the line.

When money is involved there is a multitude of other aspects to consider.

If you look at the graph above or the result breakdown what do you see?

It's not all been plain sailing, with ups and downs, and some months just continually breaking even, taking one step forward and a few back some weeks, before finally hitting a decent win run to push the balance the right way.

The strategy requires a long term investing mindset to see you through the losing spells, and discipline not to lose your s**t and go all in during the winning periods.

In fact not many things upset me more than hearing stories from members I do actually care about, who go off piste with the staking plans for any of my bet or trade systems, then hit an inevitable rough patch.

You need a steady hand to stick to your investment percentages, it's not a get rich quick scheme, and the percentage staking is there to build the bank while offering protection during difficult periods.

Depending when you joined will determine where you are on the graph above, also what betting bot you're using, and if you're still placing these manually, which a tiny percentage of hardcore members still do.

Factored in to all of this, is that it's a live in play betting market running on the Betfair exchange, so being matched will come down to liquidity available on the bet in running.

On a positive note I have to say that with the volume of members increasing weekly who follow this service, and knowing the staking some members use, I'm still amazed we haven't had more liquidity issues over the past year.

Initially I staggered membership as I thought it would impact the strategy being able to function, but it didn't. Which meant I could open up the testing phase to whoever wanted to join, and so far so good 99% of the time.

We hit a few issues during the off season when the market volumes where very low, in the tiny prize money races. Some people didn't get matched where other users did in these instances. This has been part of the learning curve as the system is still actually in BETA phase.

As we approach the end of the year racing I'll now be implementing advisory measures based on the low financial volumes.

Additionally, over the course of this week I'll be adding a secondary option for members to follow using another TBE plugin, which has performed better than the current version over the past few months, but all will be revealed with this in due course.

If this is the sort of strategy that appeals to you, let it not be said that I don't paint a realistic picture, because to make it over a year in profit as I have over the ten and half months hitting 100% balance growth, you will hit regular speed bumps along the way.

Being able to detach from the days that wipe out a weeks profit in one, and then push on without falling in to destructive gambling style habits, is exactly what is required to be successful with In Play BETA.

You may join on a losing run and then quit after a few days or a week, only to login a few weeks later and see a run of winners you've missed that would have put you in profit. You may join on a long win run and think this is amazing I'm putting my mortgage on this system, only to hit a few losing days and your heads going explode with the stress of it.

Ultimately I want you all to succeed and enjoy the ride with an air of knowing calmness, but the reason I emphasize these point so much is because I've seen it time and time again.

If you've got what it takes to go the distance with this strategy, or the alternate option I'm about to include that is based on exactly the same bet placement method in play, the reward for you could be a 100% balance growth over approximately twelve months.

You can find out more and sign up for In Play Betting BETA here.

If you've any questions let me know, and I'll get back to you asap.

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