100% Profit Milestone In Play Betting

In Play BETA is a fully automated in play betting system I began live testing mid March 2018, which at the time I was using just Fairbot to select the races manually meeting criteria, but I'd also created an automated file to import to the bot placing the bets in running. You'd need superhuman cat like reactions otherwise.

Fast forward 10.5 months and the strategy now runs end to end fully automated using The Bet Engine.

You start the bot and leave it to run using the plug created by the bot developer, and it only places bets on qualifying races when the specific parameters are met.

Today's overall betting balance graciously tipped over a grand profit for In Play BETA, with a first race winner hitting my stop at a profit target.

Hitting target well ahead of my predicted timescale, achieving this a month and a half early.

A grand total of 100% balance growth after 915 flat stake £10.00 lay bets placed automatically in running, with a lot of these below evens liability.

The breakdown in the spreadsheet doesn't show the below evens odds on the winners, as originally the strategy wasn't automated in a way to take a bet below evens, which meant the master spreadsheet I created didn't calculate these bets. This was quickly remedied during the live test period with a new strategy file.

The spreadsheet however remained the same due to sheer laziness and not wanting to waste time trawling through my backdated results, adding each of them to the new sheet now available to members which calculates properly. In fact instead of laziness I prefer to call it a desire to keep moving forward, and not dwell on the past. In truth possibly a bit of both.

Since I began testing this strategy in the public eye it's attracted a lot of attention, which I do completely understand given that a 100% increase on your investment over a year isn't too shabby.