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Automated Dutch Betting

It's now 12.40am as I type this blog post, headphones on listening to Extrawelt on itunes, specific tack name Phoebe (Clastic Version), for anyone interested. 

I've been working all day to try and make Automated Dutching available for early access, as I've got a long list of people waiting to get started using this BETA version.

A symptom of working all day and night is that we humans start making silly mistakes, and I made a whopper. 

My final video which is essential to how I run the strategy is missing my vocal for the opening section, which basically explains what's what.

The strategy and it's associated automation files are all uploaded, with enough information to get BETA users started. 

I'd happily spend the next couple of hours finishing this, but given my partner is now sound asleep next door to my home office, the last thing she needs is my Brian Blessed booming voice chunnering on.  She would not be impressed, and I don't fancy the death stare. 

I'm already gently tapping the keys instead of my usual hammer technique of typing. 

Anyhoot, I'm taking a well earned day off tomorrow (Monday 7th Jan), so the new ETA for the Automated Dutch BETA V1 will be Tuesday the 8th January sometime asap afternoon / early eve.

As soon as I've added the extra vocal section I'll ping an email letting all registered members for early access know it's available, and also everyone who sent me a password to register for pre release discounts. 

Exciting times ahead, but tomorrow I chill out. 

I've said it before, their is a time to surf, and a time to wax your board, and tomorrow I'll be offline doing the latter.  I feel it's been a busy positive start to the year, but I need some away from the monitor time. 

If you're waiting for an email reply from me, please excuse the delay.  I replied to emails today up to 5pm while creating the pages for the Auto Dutch, but had to close my inbox otherwise I'd never make any progress.  I do apologize as you're email is very important, and I'll get back to you asap. 

Once the Expo Bot is fully operational betting and trading will be even simpler using Exponential Bet strategies, giving me less required manual daily operations, and more time to work with members.  As time is the most precious commodity after all.   

To synchronize with the release of the new bot I'll be adding membership plans this week.

Basically detailing how to better optimize your bet and trade activity using the bot, and with the exchange direct in parallel.  More info to follow soon, and for members who've requested my direct input on this we will pick up later in the week. 

Dutching in itself isn't complicated though, and it shouldn't be. 

The Automated Dutch will make what's already a very easy way to back multiple selections in a horse race even simpler, and weight the odds more in your favour over the long term using the percentage of book staking approach. 

The Expo Bot will remove the need for any manual selections, which is required with the current method to some degree using Fairbot.  Which is what the current results are reported against.  

I can't wait to be fully automated though running my preferred method with this strategy included in the BETA version. 

I've updated the recent results for the Automated Dutch on the landing page, and below.  

If you wish to register your interest in becoming an early access member, drop me an email to and also let me know if you're interested in getting started now, or using the Expo Bot when this is available.

automated betting

Auto Dutch - Run The Day     

553 Bets - 48% Strike Rate

55.4% Increase

£554.75 Profit in 26 Days

automated betting system

Auto Dutch - Stop at a Profit 

143 Bets - 52% Strike Rate

26.1% Increase

£261.72 Profit in 26 Days

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