36.4% Profit in 13 Days!

Flabbergasted is a word I don't use too often, as it's an expression I think we all save for those special occasions. The times when you know something amazing has happened, and it's the only way to describe how you're feeling. This is me today!

Today I witnessed my balance increase from 27.2% for the Automated Dutch System, to a whopping 36.4% total balance increase in just 13 days betting.

Start Bank: £1000.00

Days Betting: 13

Current Bank: £1364.10

You can see a full breakdown of results at the base of this blog post.

It's the sort of crazy profit growth that gets us all dreaming of Lambo's and Yachts, haha...

I am however being realistic, and I know it was just one great day running the strategy.

I'm expecting over a twelve month period for this to level out at circa 5% increase per week, which would still be amazing growth.

Looking over the past two weeks live testing we've had a few great days recorded, meaning it's not a one off the Automated Dutch can achieve these positive growth days.

I think over the full twelve months these high growth periods will help weather the off days, which makes perfect sense as I'm not living in cloud cuckoo land thinking every day will be like today.

The consistent way the strategy at present during live testing is dealing with wins and losses is definitely impressive, and it was equally so during back testing.

I'm encouraged that even on tricky days I've not seen a complete wipe out with high drawdowns, and with the current longest consecutive losing run at seven in a row, which for most strategies is a tough recovery process, it actually wasn't too bad given the losing bets on average are below the average win profit per bet. Which meant the same day things turned back around.

All these positive points give me a reason to be cheerful, because if you're reading this blog I'd guess you've an interest in making money from betting and trading sports, and it doesn't come easier than this.

Even at the moment until the official bot is created, it's taking me literally 5 minutes to set up the day using Fairbot alone. No external research to be done at all, just clicking through each race, selecting the horses to Dutch as per the criteria I've set out, and I'm done and dusted in no time.

For me personally who's spent the last two years publishing horse racing Dutch bets, I've achieved a decent respectable growth rate, especially considering the overall profit margins with most Dutch bets are a lot smaller than what I'm hitting with the Automated Dutch.

My selection method for the original Dutch bets I post takes a lot of time and patience, research across multiple sources, with a process of due diligence to be followed. Which means when the inevitable stupid outcomes occur, like a 200-1 shot landing, I feel a tad annoyed to say the least.