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36.4% Profit in 13 Days!

Flabbergasted is a word I don't use too often, as it's an expression I think we all save for those special occasions. The times when you know something amazing has happened, and it's the only way to describe how you're feeling. This is me today!

Today I witnessed my balance increase from 27.2% for the Automated Dutch System, to a whopping 36.4% total balance increase in just 13 days betting.

Start Bank: £1000.00

Days Betting: 13

Current Bank: £1364.10

You can see a full breakdown of results at the base of this blog post.

It's the sort of crazy profit growth that gets us all dreaming of Lambo's and Yachts, haha...

I am however being realistic, and I know it was just one great day running the strategy.

I'm expecting over a twelve month period for this to level out at circa 5% increase per week, which would still be amazing growth.

Looking over the past two weeks live testing we've had a few great days recorded, meaning it's not a one off the Automated Dutch can achieve these positive growth days.

I think over the full twelve months these high growth periods will help weather the off days, which makes perfect sense as I'm not living in cloud cuckoo land thinking every day will be like today.

The consistent way the strategy at present during live testing is dealing with wins and losses is definitely impressive, and it was equally so during back testing.

I'm encouraged that even on tricky days I've not seen a complete wipe out with high drawdowns, and with the current longest consecutive losing run at seven in a row, which for most strategies is a tough recovery process, it actually wasn't too bad given the losing bets on average are below the average win profit per bet. Which meant the same day things turned back around.

All these positive points give me a reason to be cheerful, because if you're reading this blog I'd guess you've an interest in making money from betting and trading sports, and it doesn't come easier than this.

Even at the moment until the official bot is created, it's taking me literally 5 minutes to set up the day using Fairbot alone. No external research to be done at all, just clicking through each race, selecting the horses to Dutch as per the criteria I've set out, and I'm done and dusted in no time.

For me personally who's spent the last two years publishing horse racing Dutch bets, I've achieved a decent respectable growth rate, especially considering the overall profit margins with most Dutch bets are a lot smaller than what I'm hitting with the Automated Dutch.

My selection method for the original Dutch bets I post takes a lot of time and patience, research across multiple sources, with a process of due diligence to be followed. Which means when the inevitable stupid outcomes occur, like a 200-1 shot landing, I feel a tad annoyed to say the least.

As stated I do make a profit in the long run over a year with my standard methods, but in comparison to the Automated Dutch where I mostly don't even watch it, expecting the wins and losses to occur randomly, I've no heartbreak.

The wins return high and the losses with minimal exposure, but a huge benefit being my morning isn't taken up researching bets that have to return at a very high strike rate. Which is a lot of pressure, all of which I'm used to, but as my previous blog stated, if you're doing so well with Automated Dutch, why do anything else?

I'll always place One Dutch multiple bets, but this has given me a new dimension to explore with them. Taking my Dutching data and turning it on its head as I've done with this auto approach.

Aiming to make it purely based on maths with twice as much return is what I'm working on, which I've stated in previous posts citing Focus Ratings as a source I'll be utilizing to a larger degree in 2019.

Creating something like the Automated Dutch which returns and recovers at a much higher margin consistently, which is based on solid data from the past two years and a clever staking plan, is really encouraging for my own personal goals.

Yours too, and for whatever reason you're looking to make money using this strategy.

Now a slice of reality pie.

The back testing I did showed circa 260% total balance growth using this method of Dutch betting across a twelve month period, approx 5% growth per week. The current 20% ish a week is fantastic admittedly, but 5% per week is still the sort of thing dreams of Lambo's and Yachts are made of if that's your motivation.

I'm expecting the balance to go up and down over twelve months, but if we hit the expected level of 260% increase this will be a huge success, which I'm sure everyone would agree.

We're doing a lot better right now of course, but we'll have ups and downs as with any betting system.

The huge plus point is the consistency over an entire day, the balance growth is obviously amazing, but it's recovering very well even when things don't go our way.

We also have more liquidity available than my other exchange based systems, and the scope for compounding up to some very tasty numbers, and then beyond with another method of betting I will make available, is all there at our disposal.

Another positive that I feel makes this a real standout (other than the flabbergasting balance growth) is that most users of the bot method, as opposed to placing manually, will get the same bets and result outcome.

With manual placement and no bot the outcome will still be there or thereabout compared to each member, but time of selection will become more of a variable.

The selection method is straight forward, and it's also pre race which makes a big difference.

The time of day when you apply it obviously affects whether you get the same as someone else if doing it manually, but if using the bot the decision to place the Dutch at the time of entry should in 99% of cases be the same across the board.

Not as exciting as writing about the 20% increase a week increase I know, but it makes me happy, as I know members are all near enough getting the same wins and losses as myself daily.

I'm going to wrap up this post for now as I've knackered my back, and it's starting to hurt sitting at my desk typing. Another reason automated betting and trading is the way forward, set it up and forget it. You don't need to be at your desk all day, as I've spent near enough most of my working life.

If you haven't already logged your interest for the early access version of the Automated Dutch and you'd like to, then you can do so by dropping me an email to, and also let me know if you want the strategy with or without the accompanying betting bot.

Updated results from the 6th December to the 18th December - 13 Days Automated Dutch Betting

automated betting system

automated betting system

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