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+551% Profit 80 Days Trading

Automated trading I think is becoming quite fashionable within a few circles.

How do I feel about it, I think it's great for the industry and the markets we operate within.

The more people interested in trading in general is a positive.

How we trade using the Trade Guide V4 will be very different to how other people trade, and with upcoming automated trading updates scheduled we will operate differently again, and so on. It's good for the industry and healthy to have some competition, as it can only improve what I deliver in the long run.

Since I launched the recent V4 update I've had some very cool interactions with members.

I personally use Fairbot with the strategy, which I'll continue until the Exponential Betting bot is finalized. Some members who've really taken to concept of the trade method have begun developing their own versions using different software, Bet Angel and Betextrader being two proving popular choices.

When I've some feedback how this is going I'll let you know.

The high quality of members at Exponential Bet who never cease to amaze me, have agreed to share the automation files for other members using these bots.

For any members who've been unable to run the APP to source the initial prospects, as this works with most Android and Apple phones, a member had this issue and I've found a solution to get this up and running on the PC for anyone who needs this feature. Just drop me an email and I'll point you in the right direction.

My trading this week has been limited after releasing the V4 update on the 4th Dec, with just two trades recorded for one day shown in the results below.

It's typically the case when I add a new service or an update, I naturally receive lots of questions. When mixed with running the site and services it can temporarily interrupt the routine, but from Tuesday next week I'll be trading most days using automation and have more results to publish.

I remember when the days felt like they went on forever, now I blink and I'm getting ready for bed and to repeat it all again, time literally goes nowhere. Which is the same for everyone, and why automated betting and trading is becoming so popular.

I'll be blogging a fair bit next week, as I've new information regarding upcoming automated strategies for 2019, and I'll blog again on Sunday with my weeks trading results.

All future scheduled updates are included, with full support.

Version 4 focuses on:

  • Giving you the most effective trading system from the guide.

  • Simplifying the selection process making it step by step.

  • Introducing Focus Ratings as an extra layer of due diligence.

  • Demonstrating it can be applied earlier in the day.

  • Adding automated options for use with Fairbot available to download.

  • More video content using the automated pre race method.

  • A set up video showing how to import files, and apply the automated method.

  • Included in the set up video a settings explanation, including cloning and editing files.

  • Making the guide easier to use and navigate in an 'all in one' online format.

  • Including the strategies published in results so far, still in development.

  • Mobile friendly.

  • Downloads for the small sample of in development strategies.

This guide is not an in depth how to trade manual, it instead contains very simple to apply trading strategies with step by step instructions, along with accompanying video content demonstrating the processes.

There are a lot of experts out there already whom I respect that teach how to trade Betfair, and the concepts behind this, but this is not my intention with this guide.

It's about offering usable methods that can be applied daily, finding something that works and repeating it as often as possible within applicable parameters.

The goal is to provide a detailed walk through of the selection process, also showing how effective it is when used at different times of day, while demonstrating the automated aspect now available which can be set up and left to run unattended.

If you've any questions let me know, and I'll get back to you asap.

Here is the updated trading balance with graph and table of results:

+551% Total Balance Growth

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £642.00

No. Days Trading


New Total £651.52

swing trader

learn to trade

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