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+563% Profit 63 Days Trading

Pre race trading using automated set and forget strategies with Fairbot is a hot topic at Exponential Bet right now, and I'm gradually getting through the mountain of emails on the subject.

I've opened a thread in my FAQ for Betfair trading, and will add more Q & A's from your emails. Just two main questions included for now:

What's obvious from the feedback is many of you are looking for something to set up in minutes, and then leave running throughout the day placing trades.

My attempts to deliver such a strategy for Betfair Trading Guide members has actually surpassed my initial expectations, and done so over a relatively short space of time.

Especially when we consider I've only scratched the surface, and still have a lot more to explore with this.

This comes as a huge surprise to me that it's even possible, as my original thoughts were it couldn't be achieved, and I entered the process a skeptic.

The results below, and the last update all use the automated trade strategy I'll be including in the next guide update. With this first update to be one of a sequence I have scheduled.

The reason for adding more automated methods over time is, A) give you options to suit your trading style B) explore new ideas using automation to increase profits & safety C) broaden the types of trades being fired in to the exchange. Which is good for a number of reasons I'll cover within the guide update.

Automated trading does in my opinion also offer some additional safety features over manual trading, although you can't beat always monitoring things manually even though automated, just for that extra safety level. I know this won't always be possible, but and I do leave my PC running covering these trades most days now, but it's a risk we all know given technology can fail.

I cover this in the FAQ, but a big a safety benefit is that the counter trade isn't left sitting in the queue like a carrot dangling in front of shark traders, it's fired as a hedge only when the parameters are met.

It may not be matched immediately as you will see in some of my videos, but it's not clogging up a queue waiting for a price to come in. Which is a big plus point from my experience.

This method of pre race trading using automation was included in the £100 to £1000 challenge exactly a month ago, which is when the trade blog resumed after a short break.

The break being due to the In Play Betting BETA needing time on the exchange, as it clashed with the trading activity that obviously needs the exchange at the same time.

Trading resumed in September and utilizing a few variations of the automated methods scheduled for inclusion to the next update later this month, which is on target.

If you don't know much about the Betfair Trading Guide you're best bet is to catch up with my blog post covering this subject. As you can see how the strategy and options have developed over time.

Since the 18/9/18 using automated trading methods, we've has seen the balance jump from 399%, to 563% profit banked, a 29% increase of investment during this time using nothing but automated methods.

Taking the balance from £475.33 to £662.95 running the trades through the bot on auto pilot. This gives me a real sense of achievement from where I started with this.

Positive from a percentage growth and financial point of view, but for those who remember some of my other blog posts about time being the most precious commodity, this is very encouraging to see the strategy develop like this.

Let's look at where we are right now with results. The next update on trading will be later this week, with the ETA for the automation to be added to the guide before the end of October.

Screenshots for the five days below are beneath the results tally.

You will see across some of the days in the screenshots I've a few races excluded, which are for in play bets being placed using the same bot on these days, and the occasional Dutch single bet. I've obviously removed these races from the results total via the watch list prior to taking a screen shot.

I'm running the in play method, Dutch singles, and automated trading, all within Fairbot, as I'm bound to be asked this question and wanted to test the impact. All the other available races throughout the day have had the automated trading method applied whenever I've been able to run it.

You can find out more and purchase the current version of the Betfair Trading Guide here:

Any questions email me at, and I'll get back to you asap.

+563% Total Balance Growth

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £640.46

No. Days Date P&L

59 12/10/18 -29.20

60 13/10/18 +10.64

61 14/10/18 -0.48

62 15/10/18 +13.25

63 16/10/18 +28.28

New Total £662.95

12th to 16th October Automated Pre Race Trading Activity

swing trading

betfair trading


betfair trader

swing trading

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