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+64.8% Profit In Play Betting

Everyone loves an easy win, which we got today in the first race at Goodwood. The in play lay bet was matched at odds of 1.83 in running, with the horse finishing in second place giving us a stop at a winner target profit. Done and dusted for the day!

That's 85 first race first wins for in the play betting system over 171 days betting, which is a 50% strike rate winning at the first applicable race.

Over a six month betting period that's a total of 553 automated flat stake bets placed, with no loss recovery, just sticking to the selection criteria win or lose.

With a choice of four bots now capable of running this system, Fairbot, The Bet Engine, Betfair Bot Manager, and Betextrader, members now have the option to choose the one that suits them best.

Strategy files for these bots are included, and just need importing to run the system. The last three named bots in the list utilize a set and forget method, with Fairbot having no feature for this so needing a more manual approach to stop at the win. Although, with a remote PC login APP installed on your phone, this is more than doable as I've tested myself while out the country.

The In Play Betting BETA is available now at 25% less than retail, as it's still early access and will receive a bit more spit and polish come official launch day.

Considering we're still actually in test phase with this, the results are looking more than promising. It's had its losing runs and bounced back with an edge to recoup at its own pace, then reaching a new profit high.

All without any divergence from the selection process or need to apply a loss recovery method, flat stakes running on auto pilot over time to produce the profit recorded to date.

Now, it is an exchange based in play betting system, so liquidity and time of bets fired etc all play a part, but I've said it before and I'll say it again, over the long stretch these factors will all average out and return circa the same margin.

It's a stand alone early access product with no ongoing subscription. Everything you need to get started is included in the member section which you're emailed shortly after purchase. With all future updates included in your one off purchase.

Any questions, send me an email to

Results Updated 14th October 2018

in play betting system

in play horse racing system

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