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+540% Profit Trading Over 58 Days

The much awaited automated trading strategy has been running the past couple of days, and using the same filters since my most recent adjustment. You can read more about that in trading blog here.

The result screen shots below, and the historical results for the automated strategy show that more often than not we can start well, hit a decent daily profit threshold, then a few speed bumps along the way, before recovering to a smaller profit that could have been banked if we'd stopped trading earlier.

On the days when it heavily starts in the red, it's so far always reached a point where it will pull back to a profit, even on the days I've reported losses, but for the sake of pushing it to see what happens I've just let it run as long as possible while I'm stress testing it.

Adding a stop at a win target for this is in my opinion is a good option. I'll be covering this process and how I advise to apply it in the trade guide update, but of course the choice is yours, and at least we know according to results to date by letting it run and do its thing, you're still making a good profit overall.

The fact is, nobody really knows if stop at a win or leaving it to run over the days card is the best method.

You could argue stop at a win for this will reduce potential opportunities to profit, and I can't disagree, but as I'm at my desk everyday watching this in process, I'd personally like to stabilize my daily returns using a SAW method once I'm let loose after releasing this to the guide.

Given my experience with the In Play Betting strategy, I find stop at a winner reduces overall exposure in the market, which I personally appreciate.

Additionally, you may wish to increase or decrease the target profit per race, or utilize the hedge feature manually as I notice in some of the losing trades we almost hit target before drifting to a loss. You could broaden the range of trades being made in each race, and fine tune this to your own requirements, and I'll cover all this in the next guide update.

All the settings for the strategy file included that can be tweaked to your own spec without messing with the overall process, I'll of course detail for you in the guide, as it's yours to use as you see fit.

The reported results of my own usage, and the exact settings I'm using with the mechanics will be explained in detail.

So, if you want to walk in my shoes and not tinker or mod the strategy files includes, you can just import them to the bot, and get started doing exactly what I'm reporting in my results.

You can see the wins and losses in the screenshots below over the days reported using these automated methods.

Overall the balance is increasing, and in fact for the cost of the guide itself at just £99.99 using a £100.00 per trade with a max stop loss now set at £10.00 per race, you can also see that your expense for the guide and bot subscription are fully justified. In fact being recouped to a profit at the current rate of growth in very little time if following the same staking.

I've been tempted to hike it up to £500.00 per race and smash the £1000.00 target a lot quicker, but I don't want to mess with the growth percentages during development, hence why I'm reeling myself in.

You could use this level of trade amounts though, and your cost of investment should be repaid in a matter of days, or a day, based on current performance.

You won't win every day as you've seen it's a definite variable income, but for a pre race automated trading method this is becoming one of my favourite ways to make money.

A final point to note here as I keep mentioning the automated approach, but in fact there are some members who would prefer to run this manually without the bot, or using their own trading software without my automated files placing the trades.

This is 100% possible, and I'll cover this in the guide update within the mechanics of the strategy, so you will have all the information required to begin using it manually on your trade platform, or even you could program it to run yourself on your own API. If so, I may be tapping you for a copy of the file to import and offer to the members.

Right then that's enough from me today, I'll post again at the end of this week with my progress, and then from mid next week I'll be collating all my data for inclusion in the guide update. Which my expected ETA is anytime near the end of this month.

The current version of the Betfair Trading Guide is available here. Remember all future updates, ie the above mentioned automated strategy and more are included in the one off purchase price.

API trading software is required, and the bot I use for this is Fairbot, with all the strategy files to run working on this platform. This is my favourite bot to use and program and comes with a 15 day free trial period.

If you've any questions, please email me and I'll get back to you asap,

+540% Total Balance Growth

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £617.38

No. Days Date P&L

57 10/10/18 +£2.86

58 11/10/18 +£20.22

New Total £640.46

10th and 11th October Automated Pre Race Trading Activity

swing trading

learn to trade betfair

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