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+517% Profit Pre Race Trading

This is purely a results update, with a sprinkling of positive progress for the automated set and forget pre race trading system.

Today applying two adjustments to the automated trading strategy, it looks like it's solved the couple of issues, but time will tell over the course of this week.

No selection method has been applied as you can see from today's results. Just the whole day covered with an automated pre race trading method, and the tweaks made to the automation file really brought it in line, increasing the strike rate, while reducing exposure.

Saturday the 6th October was basically a break even day, going down a few pennies at the end of the day, whereas today kicked us over the milestone +500% total balance growth threshold, which I feel was largely due to the additional settings.

You can see the difference immediately in the results below. The same win threshold, but a higher strike rate.

This next update for the Betfair Trading Guide will be one of a few I've scheduled, which will come in relatively quick succession.

I've a handful of automated trading methods being put to the test, and once satisfied with each they will be included to the guide. With the first coming this month which I've been predominantly posting about recently.

A selection method may be included at a later date, or even discussed via member feedback. The point is, if it's making a monthly return on investment blanketing the entire day, I'm happy to share this given the foundation is so strong, and get it out there to be used.

As it develops we can begin applying the fine tuning, as I found this worked very well for the In Play Betting System.

The update to Method One already included in the guide has begun, with a video upload requiring some editing. This also has further potential for automation, and ideally I'll include this in the first sequence of updates.

While I'm here, a related update for the Bet Bot System has now moved ahead of schedule, and looking viable for introduction later this week. As it stands I'm very happy to move forward with this, and just knocking the guide in to shape readying it.

It's a major update but also very simple, in fact reducing the entire selection and implementation process by circa 90%, but also greatly improving the overall potential for huge growth, while adding more safety to the bet bot system. Bold words I know, but sometimes these things take time to see what's right in front of our face, and this change just makes it easy and effective, which is exactly what a bet bot system should be.

For more information about any of my services visit Exponential Bet, or email me at

Let's get to the latest trading results using the automated set and forget method, with screenshots for the past two days pre race trading below.

I'll post my next trading update in two or three days.

+517% Total Balance Growth

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £591.89

No. Days Date P&L

55 6/10/18 -£0.18

56 9/10/18 +£25.67

New Total £617.38

6th and 9th October Automated Pre Race Trading Activity

swing trading

trading betfair

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