+492% Profit Betfair Trading

It's been an eventful four days running pre race trading strategies using automation within Fairbot.

I've a handful of methods I'm working through and begin adding to the Betfair Trading Guide starting later this month

I'm drilling down the best settings, and looking to pick the races that optimize results for these auto pilot trading strategies.

I begin by literally blanketing either the entire day, or periods of the day with each strategy.

Then assessing how they need tuning, and what trends are becoming obvious within the races, with a long list of factors to consider.

For the past week I've stuck with one trading method from the 27th Sept to 4th Oct, using the same trade strategy and just adding it to the day when I'm available with no selection process.

You can seen the results when I began running this version in my recent blog posts.

Blanketing the day is a useful technique to identify positives and negatives, helping me work toward something that gives me the edge I need to then share with my members.

I skipped Sunday and Monday's racing, as I do anyway most of the time in horse racing due it usually being sub standard, and resumed from Tuesday.

Looking at the weeks activity as I would approach it over the typical five day period, and as stated blanket trading without any skill involved in the selection method, we actually made a profit.

Could we have made more money applying some tuning to the strategy parameters within the bot, and looking at the specific races for trends to see what works more often than not, absolutely we could. The answer to this rhetorical question is a resounding yes.

The fact we had an edge without even bothering to apply more logic and precision is a real positive, creating a solid and encouraging foundation to say the least.

Did we have it all our own way and won every single day, no we did not, and in some instances lost much more than we needed if logic had been applied to the strategy. To summarize though, it's looking very promising but I've still a lot of work to do.

I do have one more days results to add to this, which is this evenings racing at Wolvs where I'm running another variation of the method as I write, with tighter parameters, and across selections that should respond better to the trade method.

A positive response to this slight change tonight, which ideally will continue to perform as it will be a very welcome addition to the trade guide.

Let's take a look at the recent results, and at the base of this post I've added screen shots for the days recorded below.