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+489% Profit 50 Days Trading

Yesterday I wrapped up for the day shortly after my last post, as I really wanted to focus on the match and found myself flicking back and forth between screens. It had been a busy day and I was pleased with the profit banked so far, so why not!

I've had a break today from betting and trading, concentrating on some site admin, and making my better half a delicious meal.

Set and forget pre race trading is to be added to the trade guide in October, you can purchase the existing Betfair Trading Guide here, and the next update along with all future updates will be sent to you as they get added.

The guide comes with a detailed PDF and video walk through for each trading method, offering a step by step process. Including setting up the recommended trade API, and the basics of trading.

Here are the results updated from yesterday applying the automated Betfair Trading strategy as promised:

Running Total

5% Commission Deducted

+489% Total Balance Growth

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £561.36

No. Days Date P&L

50 29/9/18 £27.56

New Total £588.92

29th Sept End of Day Round Up Screenshot Below:

betfair trading

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