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+415% Profit Trading Betfair in 45 Days

Just a quick update tonight, as I need my beauty sleep before a busy Saturday of sports betting and trading.

Today before heading out to the dentist I used trade method 1 from the guide, but with a twist.

Instead of applying the trade 10 minutes pre race as usual, I got on the horses instructed within the guide a couple of hours pre race, and got off all bets within the two hours before race time.

Now, from the six races I applied the method today two races got scratched with no win or loss, one race I took a small loss, but the other three all won, and I returned a very good percentage return on the day with minimal effort.

I mention a good percentage return, as I only used 5% of total balance per trade, entering each market once per race.

Yesterday, I applied the new method I mentioned in my previous blog to good effect.

After getting home today from the dentist I think I managed to crack the Da Vinci Code, and program the bot to place the bet and hedge off successfully. Trading on auto pilot, which if I suss this out I'll be delighted.

A massive step forward if I've cracked it, so I'll run this tomorrow and Sunday to see if this works as expected. I'll let you know asap.

Results are updated below for the past two days. It feels good to break the 400% profit threshold, the half way mark of the £1000.00 challenge.

You can sign purchase the Betfair Trading Guide here, and catch up with my previous Trading Blogs here.

+415% Total Balance Growth

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £498.72

No. Days Date P&L 44 20th Sept £6.99

45 21st Sept £8.90

New Total £514.61

20th & 21st September Results Screenshots

swing trading

swing trader

trade betfair


betfair trader

red up

swing trader

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