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Betfair Trading +399% Profit

It's been a while since my last trading blog, primarily due to other services I provide conflicting with my activity on the exchange, plus a couple of things needing my time.

The latest trading method I was going to name the 'The 1 Minute Trade', and has been created to fit in around my work day and other strategies. It's a strategy based more on the numbers and race template fitting, and is heavily geared towards making quick trades without a lot of research requiring my time, also as stated to work around other exchange activity.

The name isn't confirmed yet, as it may have a very appealing twist which I'll cover prior to included this in the next guide update, but it's a working title.

It's a trading strategy that uses Fairbot automation, and works 1 minute pre race to snatch a percentage profit, and is proving effective enough to be consistently profitable.

This will come with a Fairbot file to import to the bot, which automates the bet to be placed. Manual green up still needs applying, but I am working to create a full automation file to skip this step. Making it as they say, and as most people want, a true set and forget trading method.

I feel like I'm a whisker away from achieving this, but I must re iterate at this stage not there yet.

The new method has been the focus of my attention over the past couple of days, and I'll continue to get as much mileage as possible under my belt over the next couple of weeks. Then with the extra video content I'm recording I can introduce this to the next guide update. A firm ETA for this is October.

The guide at the moment contains two trading methods, but with this latest addition to the guide it will up the ante.

All Betfair Trading Guide members will receive this update and fresh login details to download the new guide. New members will receive this update, and all future updates as standard.

If you've any questions about trading on Betfair using the guide, send me an email to and I'll get back to you asap.

Just to recap:

You can catch up with my previous Trading Blogs here.

+399% Total Balance Growth

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £475.33

No. Days Date P&L 42 18th Sept £6.65

43 19th Sept £16.74

New Total £498.72

18th & 19th September Screenshots

swing trader

swing trading

swing trader

swing trading

swing trading

swing trader

swing trading

swing trading

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