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To Be Contd... +375% Profit

I'm trading Betfair again from next week, and ready to start contributing to the in play challenge, but more importantly adding new content to the Trading Guide for members.

While I work on other services at Exponential Bet, this limits what I can and can't do with my trading. If I'm trading on a race not only do I need my focus on this, but I don't want Dutch bets to be active in the market, or In Play Bets fired.

It will all add up to a nice profit if I was just doing this for myself, and for anyone else following a few of my services running them all at once, but when I'm recording results and in the development stages for new strategies, this just doesn't work.

Enough of my multi tasking limitations, let's get stuck in...

I'll be rebooting and refueling trading at Exponential Bet with a full guide update, which will include details of one or more trading strategies, one in particular I was working on prior to stepping out of the spotlight recently.

swing trading

Quite possibly a strategy could be introduced as a set and forget method. If I can program this using the strategy editor to do what I want, this will mean you can place your automation on the applicable races in the morning (not sure 100% about the night before yet), and leave it to run throughout the day.

This is still be confirmed and will take a big of trialing before I include this, but initial signs look great. It's all been made possible by the clever developers at Fairbot, who are adapting some features with the editor that will mean the current manual process of trading using this method can be automated.

This is something I didn't think I'd able to use for a long time, and I'm only sharing now after some initial testing using the current settings, but adapted to run in a more rudimentary set up.

My ETA for this is for the early part of September, ideally the first week or two. If I can bring this forward I'll certainly do my utmost, and certainly have one new method included by then with the second nearer the end of the month.

In the meantime I'll start publishing my results and video clips here again.

If you've any questions about trading on Betfair using the guide, send me an email to and I'll get back to you asap.

Just to recap:

You can catch up with my previous Trading Blogs here.

+375% Total Balance Growth

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £438.19

No. Days Date P&L 39 19th June £10.34

40 27th June £3.05

41 3rd July £23.75

New Total £475.33

I'll have more results and info about the trading techniques once I resume trading from Tuesday, posting again a couple of times next week.

It's time to refuel the trading coffers!

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