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In Play Betting +46% Profit

The latest results for the In Play Betting System are below, and I'm pleased to report a profitable run of positive results.

Also, BFBotManager gets the thumbs up after some extensive testing, I feel confident enough to leave it running my bets at full stake now.

I'm still far from competent with it, but the strategy is running well with it, and as I know a lot of members like to use this bot it's great to have it included.

I'll add some basic instructions for this including set up and importing the strategy file to run the bets, adding markets etc in the next guide update.

The next task is now to assess the historical data, and look a lot deeper in to what I we're using to improve both the strike rate and balance growth. Also, to look at ways at the best days to actually run the strategy with liquidity in mind. I'm aiming for this to be completed early September.

A chat room is also being adding to the members section with the next update, which can only be a positive addition to help share ideas and develop this strategy to its final version.

I wanted to post another blog as I've great news regarding my Betting Bot, Dutching, Football, and Betfair Trading strategies, but my eyes are closing for the night. I'll update the blog throughout the week with more info.

Any questions, send me an email to and I'll get back to you asap.

Results Updated 19th August

in play betting system

in play betting system

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