In Play Update 16th August

I've updated recent results at the bottom of this post, but first let me cover the bot test I'm running with the strategy.

BFBotManager is currently being tested, and it's really a stunning piece of software, but it's not what I'd call easy to understand and program.

It's got bags of potential, very professionally made, and the customer support is great (thanks Rade for your patience with me).

The sheer volume of settings, and the way some of these are buried behind other options can be confusing in my opinion.

I completely understand that with this amount of options available the layout will require a learning curve, but for my simple requirements it's somewhat overly complex.

If any of my group one members are experts with this bot, please create a file based on the mechanics of our in play system, and let me compare it to my own handy work.

I had two dodgy days when the settings were not quite right, which means my results for these days aren't exactly to strategy, so I've used a members results whom I trust implicitly and has been an active contributor to the development of the strategy over these two days, in order to give an accurate representation. Albeit I achieved better results using BFBotManager, I can't trust the results I ended up with as the strategy was not performing as it should using this bot.

The past couple of days I found the main issue and it's been running how it should, but I'm still not 100% confident, and taking my time comparing results with group one development members.

From my perspective I'm coming from the visually easy to figure out Fairbot, so using BFBotManager will just take a while longer to get my head around. Members wanting to run the in play betting system on auto pilot with this bot can definitely do so, and it could end up being the perfect option, so I'm going to persevere.

Anyway, a bit of a rambling post today as I'm a bit all over the place doing about five jobs at once. Which means I'm just writing as I'm thinking..

The results took a bit of a wallop from Saturday 11th August (Shergar Cup day), which was my last day using