First Race First Winner

Members of the In Play Betting Prototype win in the first race most days.

The number of days betting since I began running this system, the first race has won on 58 of the 108. 54% of the time you will be done for the day at the first race, according to the current stop at a winner method applied.

This is a powerful statistic on it's own, and shows that we're on to something big!

Latest results are updated and posted at the bottom of this post.

Since launching the In Play Betting Prototype on the 16th July my results balance is £142.00 in profit using just £10.00 flat stakes per bet.

No loss recovery, or adjusting stake amounts, just flat staking following a simple stop at a winner method.

The selection process takes minutes, and is all done within the bot itself, with the bets fired automatically.

Total balance growth since mid-March is at 49%, giving a profit of £487.49 over a 5 month period.

Taking in to account I had ten days off and I don't bet every day, it's more like 3.5 months of actual betting.

This comes to approximately 14% total balance growth every 30 days on average. Obviously this is variable as some days, weeks, months are better than others, as the results below clearly show.

If you look at the graph, it's always looking like it's heading the right way, absorbing the dips and moving ahead. This is something very exciting for everyone involved in this strategy.

The longest win run was recently hit with 10 winners in a row, from the 31st July with four to round up the day, then to the 6th August. With two of these days recorded and available to watch in the members area.

I recently updated the members area with new video content making it easier for anybody to get started using this betting system using Fairbot.

The strategy comes with a file to import into Fairbot, which then automates the selected races when specific betting parameters are met.

Also, the latest update has two betting bots which can run the strategy on auto pilot while you get on with your day, commonly known as set and forget.

I am however by popular demand about to test the very popular BFBotManager using the strategy, and will be adding instructions for this within the members area, with a video walk through later this month.