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First Race First Winner

Members of the In Play Betting Prototype win in the first race most days.

The number of days betting since I began running this system, the first race has won on 58 of the 108. 54% of the time you will be done for the day at the first race, according to the current stop at a winner method applied.

This is a powerful statistic on it's own, and shows that we're on to something big!

Latest results are updated and posted at the bottom of this post.

Since launching the In Play Betting Prototype on the 16th July my results balance is £142.00 in profit using just £10.00 flat stakes per bet.

No loss recovery, or adjusting stake amounts, just flat staking following a simple stop at a winner method.

The selection process takes minutes, and is all done within the bot itself, with the bets fired automatically.

Total balance growth since mid-March is at 49%, giving a profit of £487.49 over a 5 month period.

Taking in to account I had ten days off and I don't bet every day, it's more like 3.5 months of actual betting.

This comes to approximately 14% total balance growth every 30 days on average. Obviously this is variable as some days, weeks, months are better than others, as the results below clearly show.

If you look at the graph, it's always looking like it's heading the right way, absorbing the dips and moving ahead. This is something very exciting for everyone involved in this strategy.

The longest win run was recently hit with 10 winners in a row, from the 31st July with four to round up the day, then to the 6th August. With two of these days recorded and available to watch in the members area.

I recently updated the members area with new video content making it easier for anybody to get started using this betting system using Fairbot.

The strategy comes with a file to import into Fairbot, which then automates the selected races when specific betting parameters are met.

Also, the latest update has two betting bots which can run the strategy on auto pilot while you get on with your day, commonly known as set and forget.

I am however by popular demand about to test the very popular BFBotManager using the strategy, and will be adding instructions for this within the members area, with a video walk through later this month.

The system is set up right now though to start using from the off, and currently making money for group one members. We should be up and running by the end of August with BFBotManager

It is a prototype and very much in development, but it's official release date to the public won't be until Quarter 4. So if you're interested early release access right now, this is your opportunity.

All feedback and results from current members is used to help shape strategy, and I'm lucky enough to have a very active community of members.

I typically send a member update to group one approximately 4 days a week, sharing ideas, results, and relevant news.

We're currently at Version 2.02, and looking for a few new recruits to join us if you're interested in getting started from tomorrow.

This is a limited space deal, as it's been nearly a month since we began group one access, so it's time to bring in a handful of new members.

You'll receive access to the members section, with a detailed PDF explaining how to quickly select the races within the bot, along with the mechanics of the system.

Additionally, you've a complete start to finish video series, from set up to wrapping up the days bets, and then tallying them in the spreadsheet walk through. This is now designed for complete beginners, although if you need any support getting started I'm on hand.

Finally, you get the latest file to import to Fairbot, with two extra set and forget bots should you choose to run them instead. The latest files really work in your favour to reduce liability per bet.

A spreadsheet to record results is also available, the one I use below, although this is being updated later this week.

You also receive some other work in progress files for Fairbot, and details of what they involve.

The focus though is on the development of the In Play Prototype V2.02. Currently this is performing very well as you can see in the results, but over the next two to three months we will be fine tuning this to increase the strike rate.

Within the PDF is a section with factors currently being assessed, and in a future update I'll be including my data spreadsheet showing the trend analysis.

This is a fast moving strategy in development with a die hard community behind it, pushing and stress testing everything now so we can all benefit in the long run.

The beauty of it is, the foundation of the system which we're all working with is proving to be solid with the recorded profits, giving a profitable base to build on.

If you want to get involved now you can, as I want more group one members actively using this system.

This is available still with 25% off at the pre-launch price of £74.99 which is a one off fee with everything included.

The only extra you need to pay is for whichever betting bot you decide to use, but these are all accessible on flexible inexpensive payment options.

As an example, if you made £142.00 from when I launched this on the 16th July, then you've already paid for your membership in full, and paid for Fairbot for six months with a profit.

If you'd gone for BfBotManager instead, which may become the bot of choice after my testing this week, you'd have paid for your membership with 3 months access to the Bot, as it's slightly more expensive.

The point is, in a relatively short period of time of just under a month, your invested liabilities, ie tools to do the job are covered and you're in profit. This is of course if you're sticking to just £10.00 per bet, and based on results since mid-March.

You do need a long term view with any betting system, as some months will be better than others. The current expected growth rate for this strategy over 12 months of actual betting days is now circa 156%.

For example, you invest £1000.00, and after 12 months recorded days betting at current staking you should return around £1500.00 profit at the current growth rate.

An annual example will be somewhere circa £1150.00 profit based on current performance and staking.

I'm obviously limiting the availability of this up until retail release, so I can't post the sign up link here, but if you email me direct at I'll send you the PayPal sign up information required to get started, or of course answer any questions.

Latest results updated 9th August 2018

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