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In Play Betting Set & Forget

In play betting at Exponential Bet will have the set and forget bots put in to action tomorrow, with the kind help of one of my members who's been putting them through their paces.

Group one currently running the in play prototype, who began on the 16th July 2018, will be sent a couple of links to new betting bots to choose from in the morning, with files to import and run the strategy.

This means the selections can now be placed the night before, or early morning, and then left to run on their own. They will be placed for you by the bots, and when the target profit is reached the bots will then stop betting.

So, if you're on the registered list already for access to group one and I'm holding your place, but you've been hanging on for this feature, now's the time to join.

Today, first race first win, done and dusted. Yesterday took a while longer, but we got there in the end to bank the stop at a winner profit.

I'm updating the members area for In Play Betting this week, adding lots of new video content, making everything a lot easier to access information in the getting started PDF, and with video walk through showing every detail from start to end at a pace to suit everyone.

Lot's of progress being made already with this strategy, with superb member feedback helping me develop this up until official release.

Stay up to date by following my In Play Betting Blog here. I am adding a new page for this on the main site, which I'll be including later this week.

If you're interested in registering for Group Two access which will be in a month or two, send me an email to and I'll add you to the shortlist.

My Statistics So Far

Start Bank £1000.00

Current Bank £1440.97

44% Balance Growth

Flat Staking

302 Bets

Approx 4 Months Betting

Highest Draw Down Percentage 7%

Operates a SAW Betting System (stop at a winner)

Longest Consecutive Losing Run 5

Longest Consecutive Win Run 6

Wins More Than 50% of Bets on First Race

My Results To Date - Updated 1st August 2018

in play betting system

in play betting system

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