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The In Play Betting Prototype early access is officially closed to the public, and group one access is making good progress with the development of this betting system.

If spaces become available in a month or two, I'll make more access possible for people on the waiting list.

in play betting system

If you are interested in joining group one/two testing, just drop me an email to and I will add you to the shortlist.

I've pasted the recent results below, which give an interesting representation of the strategy up until this point.

You will notice in the results for some of the recent losing bets, the stake is lower than £10.00.

This is because the spreadsheet I'm currently using with the recent automation file, this reduces liabilities below evens, the sheet isn't set up for this type of betting.

I've used this spreadsheet from the start, but it calculates wins and losses based on the amount in the stake column, so I need to now change this to calculate returns based on odds. I'll make time to do this and transport the results across next week.

So, when you see a lay bet stake of less than £10.00, it's not, it's £10.00 at the odds next to the bet, which would be the liability for the bet. I will get this changed asap.

What a difference a tweak to the betting makes though, and the latest file update that now fires the bets at evens or less, as this has dramatically improved the exposure levels.

Friday (27/7/18) was an example of a tough day betting in play, which you can see from past results these days do occur, but in general we have a relatively easy run most days, typically with the first race being a win, then stopping at this point.

Given betting or trading profits can be variable this will happen from time to time, also it's not the worst day by a country mile with the balance still over 40% in profit, but still on Friday the results didn't go our way.

11 in play bets, 8 of them losing, with only 3 wins. Sounds catastrophic right? Well, not at all with the new file loaded in to the bot.

For most other betting strategies this would cause a huge dent to the bet bank, possibly disastrous, but with the revised staking file now in operation the loss was just 1.5 points, just £15.50.

When you think the stake per bet is £10, this is very encouraging.

I'm not celebrating a loss, but I am applauding the robustness of the system at this point in time, which is still in development phase.

This says a lot, and from a staking point of view we significantly have the edge.

When the selection criteria becomes finely tuned, which it will up until official release, we'll really see the benefit, but at least we know any inevitable stormy days betting like Friday can be weathered with considerable ease.

A note to make here, depending on bet speed, ie the time the bets fired, this will affect lay odds bets are matched. We're looking at numerous bet bots right now to assess which gives the best value, and offers a set and forget solution.

Given that Saturday (28/7/18) won again on the first race, all done and dusted for stop at a win.

Positive, but I'm searching for an increase in performance. Hence why this is still in development, but my confidence in the strategy extended to sharing it's journey.

I'm spending the next couple of weeks assessing the data I have to tighten the selection criteria, and working with members to introduce new factors we should consider.

I won't be betting Sunday, as I'm under orders from my better half to take her for a meal. I'll update the blog asap next week with my progress.

As stated, if you want to register your interest to join the development early access group for this strategy, send me an email to, and I'll add you to the next access shortlist.

Results Updated 28/7/18

Flat staking

In Play Betting

Highest Draw Down Percentage 7%

Longest Lose Run 5

Longest Win Run 6

Betting Period 2.5 Months

Current Profit = £413.47

in play betting

in play betting system

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