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It's time to take the biggest step with Dutching at Exponential Bet, on a richer journey to a higher financial altitude.

betting tips

Dutch Singles has been a long time coming, but from Wednesday 1st August members of All Dutch Bets will receive these included with the service.

You can sign up here with a monthly, six monthly, or yearly subscription options available.

You also have the option to sign up for Dutch Singles as a stand alone.

  • Expected balance growth over 12 months betting = +100%. You invest £10,000, and over a year of betting you can expect £10,000 upwards profit. This I feel is a modest estimate.

  • Average odds per bet expected to settle around 30%, ie 1.30.

  • Stake per Dutch bet 0.005% (half a percent) of total balance at the start of each betting day. My sample balance is £1000 to begin, so £5.00 is my initial stake amount. I'm expecting at least a £1000 plus balance increase over the year using such small stakes.

  • Staking is ratcheted.

  • Bets are placed directly to the exchange, no software required, although using Fairbot makes this easier, or another API with built in Dutching capabilities.

  • Bets are emailed to members ahead of the race commencing, which can be up to 10 minutes prior, but ideally sooner, and can be placed using phone, tablet, or computer.

Life’s complicated enough, so I've made this as simple to follow as possible. I place my bet on the exchange, and send you a screen shot to do the same thing.

Here's a snapshot of my last four days Dutch Single betting.