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In Play Betting Is Here

It's available now, but only for a limited time, and you may never see it again.

Yesterday I released my In Play Betting Prototype, all done behind closed doors to a limited group, only people who've registered an interest to use the early release version up until official launch.

This is available for a short time until group one numbers are filled.

I ran the in play system on the 16th & 17th July. This is available in the group one members area across two videos which demonstrate in the simplest way how to get started.

Finding the bets, placing them using the automated file included with the strategy, showing the results in play, and then cancelling the remaining bets when the target profit was reached, operating a stop at a win method.

I'll record as much as possible over the next few weeks, and show in a short space of time you can make the money to pay for this strategy, and then after you're have a system that will make you money for the rest of your life.

in play betting system

betting in play

For anyone looking to get started this possibly the most comprehensive betting product I've created, and it's still only a prototype. The official release won't be until October/November 2018 for the general public.

I'm looking for people now to fill up all the remaining spaces in group one.

I've spaces reserved for members who've placed a deposit, but here is the link to sign up now as during prototype phase the strategy is available with a 25% discount applied, which also includes the work in progress strategies.

You can sign up here for just £74.99 with PayPal / Official launch price will be £99.99.

This link above will be removed later this week when I reach capacity for group one.

At sign up you're directed to a welcome page, and then I'll send you a link with a unique password to access the members area.

As stated, if you've already paid your deposit your place is reserved and you will been have sent a link to pay the remaining amount for immediate access.

What’s Included:

  • Instruction PDF.

  • Results spreadsheet.

  • X4 strategy editor files compatible with the API, including In Play Main method used to achieve my reported results.

  • Details of an additional in play trading strategy, which does not require the editor.

  • Full instructions within the PDF for how to select the races I’m presently locating and applying the primary in play method.

  • Video demonstrations showing how to add the strategy editor files.

  • Included in the video tutorial is a demo of how to locate the races, how to add the automated betting files to the applicable races, races being ran, and then when stop at a win achieved cancelling the remaining races. As new feedback is introduced and the strategy develops, I’ll include any updates within future videos.

  • Details of the work in progress strategies are covered within the video, but more to follow on these as they develop.

  • The mechanics of the strategies are broken down in the PDF, and explained in layman's terms.

If you've any questions, drop me an email to and I'll get back to you asap.

Here's my latest result update:

  • 36% balance increase in 4 months.

  • 256 bets.

  • 59% strike rate.

  • Flat staking with no loss recovery, absorbing any losses.

  • Stopping at first win or break even point, if applicable racing runs out on any betting day.

in play betting system

in play betting tips

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