Is It Possible to Make A Living Betting?

This is a question I get asked often running Exponential Bet, and the answer is yes of course it is possible. Another more important question to ask instead would be, is it likely you can make a living from betting? As it's possible almost anything is doable, but how likely it is gives an immediate realistic assessment.

Well for most people due to a long list of factors, some just life obstacles getting in the way of placing bets or trades during the day for example, I'd say it's not likely. For some people who can afford the time, effort, and discipline involved, yes it's absolutely likely.

cant see forest for the trees

There are seemingly an endless amount of opinions about how to bet, and some that simply out and out state it's impossible to make a steady profit betting. Others who are convinced it's only trading which is the way to make an income you can rely on, and only pre-race and not going in-play. Some people have the polar opposite view point to this, and regularly show profits in-play.

The old school of betting will say it has to be about value and nothing else, so steer clear of favourites unless you're laying them, others show results making money backing favourites. You may also be told that form means nothing especially by cold traders, or some will say if you're confident in a horse at 33-1, put as much on as you would on a horse at evens. The list is virtually endless and the debate will go on for as long as sports betting exists, which doesn't help someone looking to start betting or trading professionally.

With it being a minefield of options and opinions, all vying for attention stating they know best as to how you should make your living from sports betting or trading, where do you start, and who do you trust?

Well if you're starting off finding the bets or trades yourself, this is without doubt the most rewarding when things begin to take shape and the profits build, but incredibly time consuming, not to mention stressful.

I spend my days putting in a shift, sorting through data sources I rely on to make my final decisions. Albeit my selection methods are finely tuned to save me as much time as possible, there is no getting away from the fact I still need to cross check information daily and tick the right boxes.

With so many websites out there offering a mind boggling volume of statistics to assess, where would you start as a beginner, and what information is valuable to you based on the betting or trading approach you want to take?

If you're finding the bets of trades yourself, making your selections can feel like guess work if you don't know what to consider, it's trial and error when just starting out until you develop tried and tested methods you follow without divergence.

If you're looking to find your own trades and looking at cold trading specifically, it can seem like you need some kind of Jedi force to predict odds movement and consistently lock in daily profits.

There are plenty of obvious data sources to trust when sourcing the bets or trades yourself, sites who provide free information and statistics, and if you stick at it over a long enough period of time it's very likely you will find an edge somewhere to regularly capitalize. Which is exactly what I did, using my experience from investing to help develop my own trusted approach.