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Betting Bots & Football Betting

An even briefer overview this evening, with the update for my Betfair Trading results to be added immediately after this post.

The Place Betting and Football Bot Systems are both getting my selections added from next month, so members will receive my daily bets via email. This will be be free for a few months to everyone who owns the bot systems, then after an additional bolt on, but I'm confident that the new instructions for making the selections will eliminate the need for my selections very early on.

The word of the moment is without doubt, streamlined, and this is how I approached making the selection method for both strategies as simple as they can be, which will be shared in a quarter 3 update.

It's true the selections for the place bot are less each day, but the strike rate is greatly improved and profit much steadier. I'll add more results and details showing this later this month as I finish preparing the set up guide.

It's a month of both reinforcing what I have, and making big decisions that will ultimately benefit us all. You can find out about Place Betting Bot and Football Bot Systems via these links.

Football Betting has obviously slowed down in the gap between the major seasons, and World Cup, with bets in the Brazilian and USA leagues keeping us warm in the meantime.

This strategy will have correct score Dutch betting added for the start of the new Premier League season. You can find out more about my Football Betting System here.

As with the betting bots, more info to follow on this in the latter half of this month.

I should mention, if you haven't already followed me on Twitter and fancy trading in play on the World Cup, I'll posting any trades that apply when using a new APP I've gained exclusive access. I'm hoping it's the real deal, and I can make the most of it during the competition.

It may start a bit slow as I get to grip with it, as there hasn't much football that applies recently, but with the liquidity high during the World Cup ideally I'll see the APP come in to it's own.

Find me on Twitter @exponentialbet

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