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Betfair Trading +207% Profit

A couple of races traded this evening using Method 3, when I eventually got back to my desk.

It's been a busy day with other commitments taking me away from the office, but my betting bots have been working hard in my absence, both for the football bot and place market bet bot boosting their respective balances with steady growth.

Identifying a couple of opportunities to apply Method 3 once I got settled with my latte and Jaffa cakes, they were both easy pickings to be fair. Very quick to set the trades in place and then let them run, while I've been catching up with emails, working on improving the members areas at Exponential Bet, doing a spot of Crypto investing in to Chinese and Binance coins I favour, all while monitoring two Method 3 trades. You really do not need cat like reactions for these trades, just the occasional check every 5 - 10 mins.

Not earth shattering profits just small margins tonight, but two green screens nonetheless, and a step closer to target. I did mention a while ago I'll be adding a trigger service to the Betfair Trading Guide for members, which will be an email, instant message, push or chat notification, or something like this, I still need to decide on the best option. This is definitely in the pipeline, and once the members areas have been set up as I require I'll hopefully have a firm date for this to be included.

Getting back to tonight's couple of races, the first race each horse got fully matched with no need to trade off, as the target profit was achieved. The second I took the early money and hit the hedge button, as I need to finish for the night soon, and it's not yet jumped as I type this.

It's a busy day tomorrow with the Aintree Grand National, as I'm aiming to publish a couple of bets for members of the Dutch betting service, then after watching the big race I quickly head to watch Liverpool v Bournmouth at Anfield with my old man.

I digress......

I'll be back trading again from Tuesday on-wards, as my better half will not be impressed if I don't drag myself away from the monitor on Sunday, and I typically avoid Monday racing.

Here are the updated numbers for the £100 to £1000 challenge, with screen shots of the two races traded this evening.

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £302.80

No. Days Date P&L 29 13th April £4.24

New Total £307.04

New 5% per trade amount for Method 1 = £15.35

Once the target has been hit with this challenge I'll be continuing to increase the balance, with a new target of £10,000.

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