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Electroneum Mining, Is It Worth It?

In this video I discuss whether mining Electroneum (ETN) is worth it, and my thoughts on ETN in general.

Plus, I show you how easy it is to mine on your mobile, and that it does actual pay out transferring to your ETN wallet. Contrary to the nonsense posted in the comments on the Google Play Store.

I feel there is a lot of fanatics and fud in general in the cryptocurrency sphere, and ETN is no exception, but my resounding view is that Electroneum is a real company with a mission to bring this coin to the mass market.

They have in a short space of time made some big deals, introduced the mobile miner, and now just announced a patent pending for new technology that they state will change the crypto market as we know it, offering instant transactions.

In the world of investing and crypto especially we all know anything can happen, I'm not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice, please do your own due diligence, but in my opinion I feel this is one of the few alt coins in the wild west of cryptocurrency that is set up for the long stretch.

So, for what it's worth get the miner, mine some free coins while you sleep, if the market booms again you're set, if not, no harm done and you've paid for your Netflix for the month free with your mined ETN. Go for it.

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