The Expo News 20th October

At this moment in time it's possibly the busiest I've ever been in my life.

From the time my eyes open to the second my head hits the pillow lately I'm Exponential Bet from start to finish. I have to say though as knackering as it can be, I genuinely love it.

Although, this Monday coming I'm having a well deserved (if I say so myself) day of rest at a local gym and spa. I do genuinely need time off, as last Monday was supposed to be a scheduled rest day but I released a major update taking over my entire day, the Monday before something else happened, so I haven't had any proper R&R in a few weeks and starting to feel it.

I know, get the violins out...

If you need me on Monday I'll be offline mostly but checking emails on the phone. I've been adding to my FAQ with commonly asked questions which you can find here:

time is precious

If you need urgent support on Monday's and your question isn't answered in the FAQ, drop me an email and as always I'll get back to asap.

I actually enjoy helping everyone and answering your questions, and take pride in going the extra mile in fact, but with only so much of me to go around my missus is starting to not recognize me.

Tuesday next week on-wards it's full steam ahead again though, with the introduction of a new Dutch bet for members of this service, and pushing to squeeze out the most potential profit for everything else running on site. I want a positive run of balance growth to wrap up the month, feeling great heading in to November.

Let it not be said though I don't paint the full picture with my betting and trading systems, wins and losses all published and there for every