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The Expo News 20th October

At this moment in time it's possibly the busiest I've ever been in my life.

From the time my eyes open to the second my head hits the pillow lately I'm Exponential Bet from start to finish. I have to say though as knackering as it can be, I genuinely love it.

Although, this Monday coming I'm having a well deserved (if I say so myself) day of rest at a local gym and spa. I do genuinely need time off, as last Monday was supposed to be a scheduled rest day but I released a major update taking over my entire day, the Monday before something else happened, so I haven't had any proper R&R in a few weeks and starting to feel it.

I know, get the violins out...

If you need me on Monday I'll be offline mostly but checking emails on the phone. I've been adding to my FAQ with commonly asked questions which you can find here:

time is precious

If you need urgent support on Monday's and your question isn't answered in the FAQ, drop me an email and as always I'll get back to asap.

I actually enjoy helping everyone and answering your questions, and take pride in going the extra mile in fact, but with only so much of me to go around my missus is starting to not recognize me.

Tuesday next week on-wards it's full steam ahead again though, with the introduction of a new Dutch bet for members of this service, and pushing to squeeze out the most potential profit for everything else running on site. I want a positive run of balance growth to wrap up the month, feeling great heading in to November.

Let it not be said though I don't paint the full picture with my betting and trading systems, wins and losses all published and there for everyone to see. This is important to run the site this way with transparency of results, and also listening to everyone's feedback to keep improving.

The bet bot and trading guide's results do need collating away from the blog posts, and their respective landing pages will be updated next month showing more detail. They both started life as independent guides demonstrating betting and trading methods to be interpreted by the user, but have evolved and need a better showcase area representing overall balance profit and loss.

I'll expand on this more when I come to update their results section, but with the automation and bet bot upgrade the margin for grey area is now vastly reduced.

Getting back to my point though, as I did have one... I've said it before regarding any form of investing including betting and trading, to be successful you need to acknowledge the rub, which is the simple fact we'll always have ups and downs over a betting period, it's where we end up at the end of the journey that counts most, and of course those that know this reap the rewards.

I'm always very aware running this site that people join during the ups who send me emails saying amazing service, which I obviously love to read, but you'll find that in virtually all of my replies to these members I reiterate it's a long game, and we take the wins with the losses.

Those that join during a losing period I'm also aware that you will sometimes feel it's just your luck to jump on at the first loss in ages, and then in some instances you quit and miss the upward turn.

A lot like selling in the dip if you're a trader, and then watching your then sold stock turn around to rise in value. Not a nice feeling!

All I can do is stay true to myself, remain open to learn, never give up, be honest, and confident in what I do. I read a quote recently that rang true, 'do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on', which I think is great advice for everything in our lives to help us see the bigger picture.

I want us all to never give up and keep pushing for our individual goals. Each member of my site I value your betting and trading banks as though it was my own, and over the coming years I'll keep increasing the percentage growth figure for those who choose to stick at it. This is my mission in life.

This year I feel Exponential Bet has matured, while giving me a platform to show my determination to create something worthwhile with this site. While at the same time we've turned a profit for each service as they've developed and improved. The good news is that it's still early days, and I'm still 47, with my target to wind down and call it early retirement at 50 well on target.

Before I dive in to recent progress updates, a member wrote and asked me to explain my retirement strategies with what I use on the site, and away from Exponential Bet.

This is a good idea, and once I'm ahead of current jobs in front of me right now I'll look to wrap up the year with an insight in to this, as I know a lot of you are working hard toward this end yourselves, or in fact already in retirement using my site to boost your savings. It's an important subject I want to expand on a lot more and will schedule time for this.

invest in yourself

So, let's look at the services and what I've been up to recently to justify me needing a day off.

Since the previous news update on the 8th October I've made a pretty sizable dent in my to do list.

The Bet Bot scheduled update happened ahead of time which is now available for new members, and was sent to existing members with new login details.

This is now set up to operate in the highest volume betting markets available on the Betfair exchange, and with the staking system set to run using Betsender it's positioned to be a strategy for long term growth, and perfect from an exponential balance increase stand point.

Additionally, any grey area with the selection process is now removed, while adding the bets to the betting bot now only takes a matter of minutes each applicable days betting.

Betfair Trading is still on target for an update later this month. You can see in the trading blog posts where I publish results, using the automated pre race trade strategy is starting to make solid progress. All members of this service will receive this and all future updates included.

Football betting has now been simplified to remove the need for a betting bot, and also refined the staking plan removing loss recovery but keeping the exponential growth potential.

I've also retired from the majority of international football matches, with the focus purely on competitive club matches where I feel the longer term profits are to be had. Having a bit of a bum run with the recent bets, but I've a plan to get back on track.

The new staking approach minimizes exposure levels, but gives me more scope to land some bigger priced wins. I've just been a whisker away from being a hero with the last few bets, so this will turn around to a new profit high soon.

The In Play Betting BETA system hit a new high in October, breaking the £500 barrier we've been stuck at for the past two months. Ideally this will continue over the £700 / 70% growth threshold before we wrap up this month.

Fine tuning and further data analysis for this system is still in the pipeline, which will be introduced throughout November.

Finally, the Dutch betting long win run for the multiples came to an end with a Value Dutch losing to a rank outsider. Every win run must end at some point, and also start somewhere.

The balance only took a slight dent due to the sensible staking set up, and we're still looking strong for a positive end of year tally.

We've another Dutch kicking in from Tuesday next week which will give us a bet every day I'm at my desk working, the Fearless Dutch that operates within the BSP Multiple market.

From November I'm aiming to include a higher yielding Dutch. Both new additions being placed in the BSP Multiple markets, achieving the same SP odds return on the win as every member involved in the bet.

I did cover Cryptocurrency in my previous news update, which as you know is a volatile market to invest.

I'll publish another separate blog on this subject next week if I've got time, as I've a few personal predictions and comments to get off my chest.

Thanks for reading, I'll be back with the next news update before the end of this month, announcing the launch day for the new trade guide version.

Any questions, please let me know and I'll get back to you asap.

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