Did You HODL?

After Tuesday's crash of cryptocurrency, did you HODL and buy more while the prices were very low, or panic sell? If you panic sold I bet you're kicking yourself now as the market steadily gets back to health.


I saw this as a huge opportunity and bought more, as I'm a born HODLER!

Apart from the obvious ETH, LTC, and Bitcoin, here's a list of the alt coins I bought or topped up, while the market was in free fall I scooped up some bargains.

BNB - Binance Coin. I'm investing in Binance as a business with this coin, one of my safest investments in my humble opinion.

NEO - China's first ever open source blockchain

TRX - Decentralized and aimed at the entertainment/gaming industry. Lots in the immediate pipeline. IOTA - IOTA could become the ultimate privacy coin.

SUB - The Substratum Network will bring the decentralized web worldwide without the need of special software for the average internet user

XRP - The world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments.

NEBL - Allowing the instant & secure transmission of information worldwide

OMG - Lot's in the pipeline, huge contracts and solutions in place for Asian markets.

ETN - I've already featured Electroneum in the blog, this is going to be a big player due its aggressive marketing strategy, mobile mining experience, and ability to bring crypto to a wider audience.

QTUM - Aims to make decentralised blockchain technology easy to deploy for enterprises.

This isn't financial advice and please do your own due diligence, and I'm not trying to pump these coins. I did my own research, and these coins all have strong positives which I feel over the long term show potential for solid growth, which is what I look for when investing.