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Quarter One Review

As we wrap up the first quarter of 2018 let's see how things are going for all current betting and trading methods, what's in the immediate pipeline for release in quarter two, and is early retirement on the horizon come December.

Let's begin with what's about to be included, and could become the dominant services and products at Exponential Bet.

exponential bet

I've been working on two new additions, the first being an in-play bet and trade method which returns at evens each win using it just betting, returning approximately 12% per month. For trading the margins are less of course, and some quick hedging is required, but I am looking to automate this aspect asap. The betting approach runs using the automated editor in Fairbot to fire the initial bets, which can then be left to run, or as stated hedged in play.

It's easy to set up, even simpler to work with, and the emphasis on this strategy being to exploit the most obvious common thread in horse racing. No loss recovery with this method, although I do condone loss recovery if applied safely, but this method just recovers any losses at flat stakes, while still growing the betting bank exponentially showing a very fast percentage stake increase. A stop at a profit approach can also be applied here, creating faster recovery periods when recouping any losses

This is definitely something I will be investing heavily once launched officially, as I see it being a major contributor to achieving my own financial goals.

In addition to this I've been looking at my Dutching, which so far this year after three months has seen 44 wins from 45 bets, with 29% balance growth at 5% per bet staking.

As much as I'm pleased with the results to date, I would like to capitalize more on the opportunities examined daily for each Dutch method.

Also, including the cross over with the data I extract from the Place Betting Bot system, and even looking at the Free Tips can be utilized to find more valuable Dutching opportunities. I've been working on this extensively, and proved that crossing over this data to be very profitable.

I've looked at this type of Dutching before with another variation, even considered an alternate approach with Dutch 4 last year, but decided to focus on making the existing methods tighter with more frequency for the existing Dutch styles, which I'm now satisfied is being achieved.

So, let's get to the crux of what the new Dutch method entails.

It's about exploiting the specific scenarios where a short Dutch is possible to return an evens profit. The Dutch is also placed directly on the exchange as a single bet, not using BSP Multiples like the other Dutch bets. Most days will have more than one bet and have a Dutch opportunity available, virtually every day of the year having the chance to Dutch and return an evens profit with an exponential staking plan.

Obviously capped within the limits of liquidity, but still capable of a phenomenal profit.

This Dutch method like the new in play can run through the day until a target profit is achieved, carrying this day by day until the percentage amount is hit, then increasing the stake percentage accordingly.

What I want from this is more value, to stop seeing so many missed opportunities each day in and around the current steady growth Dutch method.

I expect to have both the new Dutch method, and in play added by mid to end of April, and will have more detailed posts about these in the run up to release.

They have both been created to utilize the current data flow and not add more work to my existing routine, just to extract profit from value opportunities I see already, show faster balance growth, being very quick and easy to run.

Now a quick overview of where we are to date with existing bet and trade methods. You can find results for each current method from the link to their pages below, but here is a quick at a glance at time of publishing update.

Dutch Betting as stated using one balance, and 5% per bet is at 29% overall growth in 3 months, using advised stakes it's at 11.5% total growth. Given the history of this service I'm expecting between 100% to 150% come end of the year using one bank approach, as with all my systems the staking is ratcheted.

The latest Dutch Guide V7 update is being completed and still available at just £99.99 with 3 months free advised bets, and will be published ideally on bank holiday Monday, along with the latest Betfair Trading Guide V3.

Betfair Trading had to go on the back burner due to some relocation in February and has only just resumed. April you will see a massive emphasis on this, as the balance growth over just 26 days trading is an impressive +177%, so it's something I need to apply more time.

The goal is to reach my target asap of 900% balance growth using both active trading methods included in the guide. If I can hit 900% during quarter two I'll be delighted, the quicker the better.

The Place Betting and Football Bot Systems have both received a recent overhaul to create a more robust set up, and steadier balance increase, and this has been achieved in this upgrade. It's the final edition for both of these approaches to automate your betting. I'm delighted with each bot system, they are now solid with a well structured selection process, and the growth is consistent.

March saw terrible weather, and some international friendly football that affected the available bets for these systems, but they both finished over 3% balance growth. During April and on-wards I expect circa 5% per month.

Additionally there will be a bolt on for the selections sent to members daily, speeding up the input process, which is already only 5 - 10 minutes a day, but once this is added by mid-April members will have a choice to follow my exact selections.

The manuals and full two week video walk through accompanying both the place market and football bots go a long way to give each member all they need to locate the bets quickly and enter them without the need for this bolt on, but to ensure everyone is fully covered I'll include it and see what the demand is just in case.

The Football Betting System is something I would like to see doing better, as it's having a slow spell with 5% balance growth for the pre match bets, and the in play simply treading water. The staking plan works and recovers, but I do need to apply more winning bets to increase the active balance growth for this method.

This football system should return anywhere circa 50% to a possible 100% total growth by the end of the year, by applying more bets with a recovery plan that does return losing bets rapidly it's doable. It's just the run of wins that needs to be more productive, which I duly acknowledge, and can assure everyone who subscribes to this method it will be given the magic sponge during this coming quarter.


Looking at the complete set of bet and trade methods at Exponential Bet, they are all showing a profit in the first quarter of 2018 with steady positive growth. I take a very serious approach to building each bet or trade balance.

I've some immediate work to be done tidying up and tightening what's presently running, and will be adding the above mentioned new additions over the coming weeks, which will compliment the existing portfolio, and add what I feel is a missing edge to what we have already.

Quarter two I predict will see a sharp upturn in profits banked for existing bet and trade methods, and the new methods will drive forward a fresh approach to capitalizing on the betting data I work through daily already, showing what I expect to be impressive gains. Both new methods have the potential to lead the way, with the irony being they are the easiest of all to apply.

So, will we be retiring come December 2018, well from what I've seen so far in all honesty more work has to be done to drive increased profits, but it's definitely possible with a lot of road still in front of us to travel.

Before I wrap up, both the Stock Market and Cryptocurrencies have taken a huge hit recently, with both markets bearish. I'm basically holding on to what I have waiting for the upturn, and occasionally buying more alt coins. It's been a touch time for any investor in these markets, but if we look back in history, every deep dip is followed by an upward turn and a bull run. I've been promising a blog on this, including showing how to mine a particular alt coin ETN, which even after taking a market battering I have complete confidence in this to reach £1.00 a coin in 2018, so I'll deliver this update asap in April.

If anyone has any questions about my current bet or trade methods, or the new Dutch and In Play, you can email me at, I'll always get back to you asap.

Best Regards


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