Quarter One Review

As we wrap up the first quarter of 2018 let's see how things are going for all current betting and trading methods, what's in the immediate pipeline for release in quarter two, and is early retirement on the horizon come December.

Let's begin with what's about to be included, and could become the dominant services and products at Exponential Bet.

exponential bet

I've been working on two new additions, the first being an in-play bet and trade method which returns at evens each win using it just betting, returning approximately 12% per month. For trading the margins are less of course, and some quick hedging is required, but I am looking to automate this aspect asap. The betting approach runs using the automated editor in Fairbot to fire the initial bets, which can then be left to run, or as stated hedged in play.

It's easy to set up, even simpler to work with, and the emphasis on this strategy being to exploit the most obvious common thread in horse racing. No loss recovery with this method, although I do condone loss recovery if applied safely, but this method just recovers any losses at flat stakes, while still growing the betting bank exponentially showing a very fast percentage stake increase. A stop at a profit approach can also be applied here, creating faster recovery periods when recouping any losses

This is definitely something I will be investing heavily once launched officially, as I see it being a major contributor to achieving my own financial goals.

In addition to this I've been looking at my Dutching, which so far this year after three months has seen 44 wins from 45 bets, with 29% balance growth at 5% per bet staking.

As much as I'm pleased with the results to date, I would like to capitalize more on the opportunities examined daily for each Dutch method.

Also, including the cross over with the data I extract from the Place Betting Bot system, and even looking at the <