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Betfair Trading +203% Profit

Another day pre race trading Betfair which started badly, but ended up positive breaking the 200% growth barrier.

Using both Method 1 and 3 from the Betfair Trading Guide, the challenge to make £1000 from a £100 starting bank trading pre race continues.

Here's a video round up of my overall activity on the 11th April pre race trading.

£100 to £1000 Challenge Results

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £288.85

No. Days Date P&L

28 11th April £13.95


New Total £302.80

New 5% per trade amount = £15.14

I'll be trading again this week, but with Aintree affecting the racing I'll have to assess the opportunities given liquidity and resistance against odds movement will be a factor in the big races. I should still be able to put in a shift within the bread and butter racing, and then publish results asap over the weekend in the blog.

To purchase the Betfair Trading Guide V3.01 visit:

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