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Dutch Betting All in One Bet Bank

I've added two all in one bet banks to the Dutch betting results section for 2018:

Lots of members use just one bet bank for all my Dutch bets, and I do so myself alongside following each bet as individual betting systems.

After receiving numerous questions about following the Dutch bets this way from new members, I thought it made perfect sense to add this to the results, which I've done using two staking plans.

The first all in one bet bank follows my advised stake plan for each bet, so 5% of total balance for Dutch 1 -4 bets, with 1% for Super Dutch and the Major Event Dutch. This currently boasts an 11% balance growth.

The graph range is from 1/1/18 to 24/2/18.

dutch betting

The second bet bank uses 5% per bet of the total balance for all Dutch bets, This currently boasts a 13% balance growth.

dutch bet tipping service

The reason I've added both advised staking and using 5% for all, is quite simply to plot the difference in a live environment.

While everything is 100% strike rate at the moment, the 5% is going to show a higher return on investment, but over 12 months we may encounter a few losses, so which approach will do better in the long run using just one bank.

On a side note here, you could also add in a third approach, which would be to use one percentage stake for all Dutch bets on any given day, so if there is more than one Dutch multiple published combine them in to one bet. I don't personally do this, but I do know some members do and achieve positive overall results following these Dutch betting systems.

Both Super Dutch and Major Event Dutching betting are both very new systems, that said, I put as much effort in to the selections as Dutch 1 - 4, and just because I advise 1% per bet they are in no way inferior bets.

In fact the primary reason I set them at this level is because I feel they will achieve my expected target over 12 months using just 1% of bank per bet.

This doesn't detract from the fact that having more form, and recording my results using both 5% and the advised 1% for each over time, will determine whether I raise the percentage stake for them at the start of next year, or keep them at 1% for good.

Dutch 4 is also a new bet, but the premise for this is based on Dutch 1, which is the oldest Dutch bet of the group being published from February 2017, so this comes with a lot of pedigree.

Publishing both these bet banks is something I should have added in 2017, as stated I do run them using one bank myself, and the benefits are of course obvious with less to invest, and slightly higher overall returns.

In contrast the benefit of running them as individual systems, or as some members choose to do and select whichever Dutch bet they wish to follow, ie just Dutch 3 and 4 for example, means this narrows the risk, and if one system has a losing bet, it doesn't affect the overall balance, just that system.

Dutch betting for 2018 has got off to a positive start with 36 bets and a 100% strike rate, which I see no reason why this should not continue given the selection process never deviates. I never bet for the sake of a bet, the racing and conditions need to tick all boxes before a bet is posted to members.

We're dealing with many factors of course, and I always expect a few losses over 12 months, but it is a high strike rate based strategy with a deep filtering process, so the losses will be kept to the absolute minimum, and the bank protection upmost priority.

While I'm writing about Dutch betting I thought I'd mention the Dutch Betting Guide will be getting a thorough overhaul in March, with a detailed video walk through to include demonstrating how I locate each Dutch bet.

All updates to the Dutch Betting Guide are included in the one off purchase, so if you're interested in learning how to do this yourself, now has never been a better time, as up until release of the next guide update I'm reducing the price of the current version 6 guide by 33% from £149.99 to just £99.99, which you can purchase using this link. This is only available at this price until the next update, which you will receive as part of this one off reduced purchase.

The new guide will have an extensive video walk through giving easy to follow instructions to locate and place these bets. I'll be posting when this is being released, which I'd expect it to be ready by mid-March.

All future updates will be sent automatically when the improved video section is ready to be included, but in the meantime you have access to the PDF explaining in detail Dutch 1 - 4's selection process, and can also view the video's in the members archive showing you the process of placing the bets, with a few extras included. The current Version 6 of the guide is very detailed, and will give you everything you need to understand how to find a Dutch 1 - 4.

Dutch betting is a very shrewd way to bet and grow your balance exponentially, especially the way I set up the process using Betfair's inbuilt Dutch betting tools.

If you're serious about growing your betting bank steadily over time, and can remain disciplined to stick to a strict selection process, then adding Dutch betting to your armoury of daily bet investments is an absolute must.

Learning how to find these bets yourself with the current Dutch Betting Guide, and with the next update improving on this further, is possibly one of the most useful betting skills you can teach yourself. It can be applied in a multitude of ways, not just how I use it with the Betfair multiples, and as long as horse racing exists as a sport, the selection process included in the guide will never be out of date, or run out of opportunities to capitalize.

Any questions about Dutch betting, drop me an email to and I'll get back to you asap.

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