Dutch Betting All in One Bet Bank

I've added two all in one bet banks to the Dutch betting results section for 2018: https://www.exponentialbet.co.uk/dutch-betting

Lots of members use just one bet bank for all my Dutch bets, and I do so myself alongside following each bet as individual betting systems.

After receiving numerous questions about following the Dutch bets this way from new members, I thought it made perfect sense to add this to the results, which I've done using two staking plans.

The first all in one bet bank follows my advised stake plan for each bet, so 5% of total balance for Dutch 1 -4 bets, with 1% for Super Dutch and the Major Event Dutch. This currently boasts an 11% balance growth.

The graph range is from 1/1/18 to 24/2/18.

dutch betting

The second bet bank uses 5% per bet of the total balance for all Dutch bets, This currently boasts a 13% balance growth.

dutch bet tipping service

The reason I've added both advised staking and using 5% for all, is quite simply to plot the difference in a live environment.