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Betfair Trading V2 Update

I'll be blogging again soon and posting more content demonstrating the methods used in the Betfair Trading Guide V2, pushing the balance closer to target in the £100 to £1000 trade challenge.

It's been a busy time away from work with an office move, and some family news taking over my time, but I'm back to it full steam ahead on Saturday, and looking to get this blog moving again with new posts from next week.

betfair trading

I'll be including a full day trading using Method 3 in the next guide update, with some demonstration of this in the next blog post. M3 is a joy to use, with minimal liability per race, more opportunity to get involved, and less time required monitoring the trades.

Additionally, I'll be recording videos for the guide showing how to trade directly on to Betfair with no software, and using just my mobile phone with Method 1.

For those that don't know, Method 1 is the primary trade method used so far in the £100 to £1000 challenge, with the results posted using mostly this method.

Going forward though, I'll be incorporating Method 3, and when Trade Method 2 is taken off pause I'll be adding this as well. I'm fine tuning M2 to yield more profit, so I'll come back to this over the next couple of months.

The two currently active trading methods included in the guide are both ready to utilize and begin making a consistent profit with.

It's only just the start, as over the course of this year the video archive for the guide will become a very busy resource of how to trade tutorials using these trade methods.

Not just on one platform as stated, but covering multiple platforms that allow any customers who've bought the trade guide, a varied array of opportunities to profit regularly and consistently using the information in the Betfair Trading Guide.

As stated at the start of this update, I'm back trading from the end of this week, recording new video content, which I'll edit for the blog to show some examples, and include the full versions showing my entire days activity in the Betfair Trading Guide members area.

You can purchase a membership to the Betfair Trading Guide here, which gives you access to the manual, a growing archive of tutorial videos demonstrating the methods in the guide, with all future updates to the guide included in your one off purchase.

If you've any questions about the Betfair Trading Guide, please send me an email to and I'll get back to you asap.

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