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Betfair Trading +172% Profit

I've not updated this blog thread for a while as I've genuinely been ridiculously busy since releasing the Betfair Trading Guide, but I'm back and looking to put in a shift to get this balance moving the right way.

Not only this, but I'm now using Method 3 to pre-race trade with this challenge, which is a way to lock in a profit before the off that is completely different to the primary system. It can be used more often, and although the amount per race is generally a lower percentage, due to the volume of available races, as opposed to looking for specific horses, it generally makes the same overall profit per day.

The Betfair Trading Guide is available here, and as Version 2 has just been released the 25% discount still applies for a short time if you send me an email requesting it before the end of this week.

Right let's update the updated numbers:

Screen shots and media below

£100 to £1000 Challenge Results

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £272.24

No. Days Date P&L

25 8th & 9th Feb £13.61


New Total £272.24

New 5% per trade amount = £13.61

betfair trader

trading betfair

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