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Dutch Betting Update 31st January

It's been a positive month for Dutch betting, with 23 bets posted to members, with a 100% strike rate across the board.

Not only have we been busier than the previous two months, but the Super Dutch as promised was introduced as a weekly feature, banking 5 winning bets at decent odds.

Balance growth is as predicted, with Dutch 1 & 2 making small gains but with more coverage. Dutch 3 & 4 with the Super Dutch showing more aggressive balance growth, with less coverage.

Today's Dutch 3 as an example returned a solid 25%!

dutch betting

This is a steady growth service for all strategies though, with each selected Dutch bet getting the same amount of attention during the filtering process.

The aim is always to keep the strike rate high, protecting the bank is the primary object, whilst growing the balance incrementally.

Targets this year are to double the balance for Dutch 3, 4, and the Super Dutch, ideally a lot more. With Dutch 1 & 2 becoming busier over the summer months it may be possible to achieve the same, when the stake amounts begin increasing more in line with the balance, but I feel circa 30% to 50% is very achievable.

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