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Betting Bot Update 31st January

I don't know anybody who doesn't love making money on auto pilot, I think it's literally one of my favourite things!

The betting bot systems have achieved this in January after being launched earlier this month.

The place market bot is a money machine, achieving the predicted target of 5% balance growth, with the football bot being more volatile, but achieving 25% when I ran it this month.

I've since paused my football bot, because as much as I enjoy a big win and a roller coaster ride with my crypto investing, I want steady consistent growth with all my betting systems, like the place market bet bot has delivered over the past seven months.

Either later this week or early next, I'll introduce a secondary method for the football bot which delivers exactly this.

A set of parameters you can enter in to the bot, and it will deliver a stress free 10% per month. Emphasis on the stress free here, as the line of increase and recovery are not cliff edges followed by giant peaks, it's gentle and gradual growth, which for me is what's required, as I'm using these strategies as part of my early retirement fund.

All members who invested in the betting bots receive future updates included in their purchase, and will be adding to their place market balance growth, with this new football strategy being added to the family.

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