Befair Trading Guide Update

I'm back pre-race trading again Thursday and Friday this week, racing permitting of course, but I can't wait! The balance is +156% where I left it, and ideally I want to reach +200% by the end of next week.

Version 1 of the guide was released today, and I've been busy getting login details out to everyone who signed up using the 25% discount.

This is only version 1, and I'm keen as mustard to add a lot more content.

Such as, more races demonstrating how to find the trades using the two methods, placing the trades only using Betfair exchange directly with no API software, and only using my phone throughout the entire beginning to end process.

I'll add this content over the next two weeks along with Method 2 which I couldn't include fully in version 1. I blame the video editor that swallowed my 3 hours of dialogue, and chopped the clips from the timeline knocking the remainder out of sync, but it's no problem (I write calmly after spending last night cursing quite loudly at the PC) I'll just record a full day with everything listed above using new editing software.

The online video section will be a journal for all my recorded trading activity, and I'll do my best to include as much advice with various ways of applying the trades, so everyone has enough information and tools to do the achieve the same results.

In the meantime, included in the guide right now is a full day using the primary Method 1, which is the simplest approach to finding pre-race trades you'll find anywhere, and a sample of Method 2.

Method 1 is also the most profitable approach out the two so far, and results recorded in the blog are mainly reported using this way of finding trades.

Anyone purchasing the guide will have a lifetime access to the video's and future updates, which will include new trading strategies, regular weekly video content, and support whenever needed.

I'm considering added a trading alert feature at some point in the near future, so members can follow my exact trades if they wish throughout the day, but my main focus initially is making sure there is enough content to get started finding the trades right now using the information contained in version 1 of the guide, and there definitely is for Method 1. Everything else listed above will follow very soon.

The 25% discount is available until the 4th February, and you can have this exclusive offer by emailing me at to request it, I'll then send you the PayPal info.

Remember, this is a limited offer during launch week, and after the 4th February it will be full price. If you're interested in the trading guide don't miss out.

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