Betfair Trading Challenge +156% Profit

There is a time to surf and a time to wax your board, and yesterday I waxed my board, figuratively speaking.

Yesterday's racing didn't make the grade for me, and even today has only presented a few slim opportunities to profit. I'll cover days to avoid in the guide, and reasons why I choose to dodge trading on days like these.

I did record a few videos today which I'll include in the Betfair Trading Guide. Two races today were traded using the secondary method I use to pre-race trade, which is a different approach to the primary strategy that makes more profit. I'll tend to use both over the course of a week, but due to races coming thick and fast, sometimes I stick to one method to avoid human error.

Additionally, I used the strip down main approach today and recorded my trade activity to demonstrate this in the guide.

This method is for anyone who doesn't use a smart phone and can't access the apps market, as I understand some members who purchase the trading guide don't have access to the internet on their phones. For this reason I have an alternate option that works just as well, albeit not as quick, but you can still find the right horses to trade.

It's also a good idea to have different options, because you may not have your phone with you one day and just your laptop, be on the move, or not find any primary trade options but still be able to profit from the secondary trade method. I'll cover this in the guide, keep recording more video's even after release, and adding them to the video archive as a useful resource.

Today's P&L

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£100 to £1000 Challenge Results

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £250.86