Betfair Trading Challenge + 151% Profit

First day back trading after a few days break, and just one race I managed to enter today.

Typically on an average days racing you may have between 3 to 6 potential trade opportunities, and today was about right with five possible races/horses qualifying. When it came to entering the market though, I was only able to make a profit in one race.

The other horses either drifted wildly before the off, or moved in ahead of my entry point to odds below my target, so I decided to leave it.

Also, today overall wasn't the highest quality racing, and whenever the day looks a bit tricky, which I cover in the guide how to asses the day at a glance, I will always show more caution.

With betting or trading you have to take each day and race as it comes. It doesn't always pan out the way we want, and we can never force a trade. The criteria has to be met, and if it isn't then I just move on to the next.

betfair trading

£100 to £1000 Challenge Results

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £229.72

No. Days Date P&L

21 24th Jan £21.14


New Total £250.86

New 5% per trade amount = £12.54

I've been asked if it's possible to use this strategy on your phone, ideal scenario being able to find quick trade opportunities while at work, and use the Betfair exchange to trade.

The answer is definitely yes, you can find trade opportunities to capitalize on very quickly, and using the exchange to back and lay pre-race is very doable. I'll try and record some examples doing this off my phone in the trading guide. If I miss adding these at launch, I'll include them in a later update.

Even though I recommend using Fairbot to make the trades, it's not essential, and using the